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What Are the Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer?

Published at 02/18/2012 05:39:26


One of the certain kinds of cancer that has instigated fear to men is the testicular cancer. This medical ailment can possibly kill the patient or cause the infected testicle to be removed from the patient’s body. This medical condition is a cancer in the testicles that involves developed cancerous cells and tumors around the testicles. Such medical ailment targets younger men of age 21 up to 40 years of age. However, there are numerous cases involving older men that have acquired such medical condition.


Testicles are two male sex glands that produce the sperms and testosterone. They are round shaped and are located inside the scrotum below the male’s sexual organ. The scrotum also contains vessels, nerves and vas deferens. There are various kinds of tumors in the testicles that can cause testicular cancer. In most cases, the cancerous cells would begin in the germ cells.


Possible Causes

The exact causes of this medical condition are still virtually unknown. However, there are several identified factors that can increase the chances of acquiring testicular cancer. These factors include abnormal testicular development, Klinefelter’s syndrome and family history where a brother or father is diagnosed with this medical condition.


Types of Testicular Cancer

The seminomas and the non-seminomas are the two major types of such medical ailments. The seminomas represents about forty percent of all the germinal tumors, and men that are affected by such ailment ages thirty to forty years old. This type of tumor involves germ cells that are practically malignant in their earlier stages of development. These tumors are more responsive to treatments than the non-seminomas.

The non-seminomas represents nearly 60 percent of the germinal tumors. These types of tumor are usually developed and found in men who are in their middle 30s. These tumors grow faster, mature earlier, and spread faster than the seminomas.



The symptoms of testicular cancer would usually vary depending on the severity of the condition. Here are some of the common symptoms of such form of cancer:
• Enlargement of the testicles
• Shrinking of testicles
• Infertility of the patient
• Stubborn pain in both the lower back and abdomen
• Unexplained and sudden weight loss
• Supple and soft nipples
• Augmentation of the breast tissue
• Discomfort and pain in the scrotum or testicles
• Night fever and sweats
• Build-up of blood or fluid inside the scrotum
• Blood in the semen
• Sudden disinterest in performing sexual activities may be caused by such medical condition.

If any of these symptoms of testicular cancer occur, it is highly recommended to seek immediate assistance from health experts. These symptoms must be thoroughly checked to identify the proper medications and treatments.

Tips and comments


Testicular cancer can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surveillance, surgery or combinations of these procedures. This form of cancer can be complicated in terms of treatment if the cancerous cells have disseminated to the brain, bones and liver. The majority of such cases are incurable as for now.

There are approximately 32,000 of individuals from all over the world that are affected by such form of cancer every year. It is rare, but it can be very deadly and distressing for the affected men. Testicular cancer is certainly the most feared form of cancer for men.