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What Is a Cancer Attorney


A cancer attorney is a legal professional who particularly handles cases related to medical malpractice or personal injury, wherein circumstances or effects have led to cancer or delayed discovery of cancer. Families should be careful when choosing the attorney for the job to make sure that they get the proper compensation and support needed to hopefully alleviate the condition or provide adequately to the needs of the patient.

Initial Overview

Primarily, a cancer attorney is needed for medical malpractice cases filed by families wherein doctors and health professionals delayed or missed the proper diagnosis of the disease. In medicine, one of the biggest cures of cancer is early detection. If cancer is not detected during patient assessment and checkups, the condition can progress from stage one to stage four. Ultimately, the person may already reach a point wherein cancer becomes incurable and death will shortly follow. In other cases, families and patients look for a cancer attorney wherein the disease has been misdiagnosed, leading to its fast spread to other organs and body systems. The person may have to go through painful and life-altering surgery, chemotherapy and other types of treatment for several weeks and months. Other people will suddenly present symptoms of late stage cancer with very poor prognosis.


About Medical Malpractice

A cancer attorney will also be needed for medical malpractice cases wherein the person who is complete free of the problem starts to present symptoms or develops cancer because of certain treatment, procedures and medications. For example, a woman who has undergone breast implants might develop cancer of the breasts due to incompatibility with the silicone gel. Other types of procedures, especially those that involve radiation and chemicals can lead to cancer development, particularly in parts like bladders, prostate, breasts, colon and rectum.

Other Circumstances

People also look for a cancer attorney to file cases against companies or establishments wherein cancer is suspected to have developed. For example, families of factory or construction workers who developed lung or throat cancer can correlate the effects of asbestos or harmful gases and fumes at the site with the disease progress. They usually ask for compensation and health support and therapy for their loved ones. Cancer attorneys are available in all states but families have to be vigilant in reviewing their record and experience to get the best professional that will safeguard their interests.

Discussing with the Cancer Attorney

Upon the initial visit, a cancer attorney will want to get the full details of the case to be filed, beginning from the first exposure or diagnosis. It's best to ask for certification and get a brief history of the professional by asking how long he has been working in the area. Ask for referrals and talk to previous clients with the same case to know how it was dealt. The client can provide honest feedback about the cancer attorney, including his fees. It's best to discuss the fees with the lawyer even if the person is still going to meet with others so he has an idea about the relative fees and hidden costs.

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