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What Are Some Signs Of Cancer

Published at 02/10/2012 20:31:45


Cancer is a very serious and debilitating disease with very poor prognosis if discovered late. The goal of individuals is to regularly monitor for the signs of cancer and improve the way they eat, do activities and exercise to get rid of all the possible risks. Once a person detects a possible sign or symptom, he needs to report to a doctor right away and go through the basic diagnostic tests just to be sure. Cancer can be treated during its early stages.


General Signs of Cancer:

The general symptoms and signs are the most common. Although not all people will present these, at least one or more will be noticeable during any of the four stages. Fever is one of the most common because of cancer affecting the immune system. The body will have to work harder to fight off even mild infections and diseases. It can be indicative of early lymphoma or leukemia. Pain is another common symptom that can be indicative of brain, bone or testicular cancer. Males can do self-tests by checking their testicles for painful or non-painful lumps. Weight loss is another symptom. If the person suddenly loses 10 to 15 pounds in just a few days without any exercise or dieting, the person might have cancer of the lung, stomach or pancreas. People might also experience changes in skin color depending on the type. The skin can turn red, yellow or dark.

Specialized Signs:

There are also signs of cancer that are only present depending on the certain type. The patient can experience changes in bowel and bladder habits and function. Those with prostate or bladder cancer will find it painful or hard to urinate or pass stool. Some patients will also notice sores or white patches in certain areas and tissues, like the gums, lips, tongue, genitals or mouth. These can be indicative of skin or lung cancer. Some cancers of the colon or rectum can cause the person to have discharges in various openings of the body. Lumps that do not disappear, changes in moles or warts and other skin changes are specific to certain skin cancers and throat cancer.

Effects on People

The signs of cancer will differ among individuals depending on their tolerance for the disease as well as their own underlying conditions. Cancer can affect one or more areas of the body. Some people will not present symptoms until the cancer has already progressed to later stages. People must make it a point to have themselves checked once or twice each year. Self-examinations are also important to detect the early signs and find treatment as soon as possible. The signs of cancer might also appear for a time and then disappear and come back again. The severity and duration will also differ among individuals.

What to Do

Regardless of the speed, appearance and characteristics of the signs of cancer, people must look for immediate help and have themselves diagnosed immediately. They should also look for a second opinion because misdiagnosis is not uncommon.