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What Are Some Things That Increase Your Risk Of Developing Cancer?


Nobody wants to hear that they have cancer. Cancer is a scary word and when you are told you have it the first thoughts that go through your mind are being sick and possibly even dying. If you have not been told that you have cancer, then you may want to pay attention and help yourself stay healthy and avoid getting cancer. There are many different things that can cause cancer and many different ways that you can get cancer. If you do not want to risk cancer than you need to find out some of the different things that can cause cancer and try to avoid them at all cost.


Skin cancer is caused by the sun and not wearing sun screen when you go out on bright and sunny days. This is not exactly the full truth. Skin cancer can also happen from days that are cloudy and not sunny at all. While getting a sunburn with out sunscreen makes the risk cancer go up a lot, going without sunscreen on a cloudy day can be just as bad. It is now advised that you wear sunscreen year round. You can also risk cancer by smoking. Smoking causes not only lung cancer, but other problem like COPD, chronic bronchitis and can cause people who do not smoke to get sick. Lung cancer affects more than 174,000 people a year. You can also risk cancer by drinking excessively. Drinking heavily and a lot can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and is considered a cancer. If you end up this this, your skin will turn yellow and you will end up with no energy. It can be a painful way to die as can any type of cancer.


Taking care of ones self can make a big difference in your risk cancer that you could end up with. Eating healthy and exercising is two of the best ways that you can help your body as a whole. Eating the recommended daily dose of vitamins and vegetables along with dairy and grains will help to keep you healthier. Watching your weight will also help keep other diseases away such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Exercising on a daily basis can also help to keep your body in the top shape that it needs to be in. Another thing that you can do is get enough sleep at night. This is sometimes impossible to do but is so important. Keeping your immune system health is another thing that will help if you are diagnosed with cancer. Having yearly check ups with your doctor and letting him know about your family history of cancer can help him determine if you have a risk cancer or not. Sometimes it is in our genes to get diseases that we have no control over.

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To help yourself, remove some of the known risk cancer that you can control. Visit your doctor on a yearly basis and follow his advice as close as you can. You have to be proactive in your health as much as your.

By Sally Vigil, published at 02/14/2012
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