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If you’ve had a loved one afflicted with cancer, then you know how important giving back to the American Cancer Society is. There are so many ways to show your appreciation. Donating money to American Cancer Society is just one way. In this article, we’re going to discuss the many ways one can give back by donating something to the American Cancer Society. Whether that be monetary, a donation of time, or something of value, it doesn’t matter, it is all helpful and needed in the American Cancer Society.


If you are a retired person or a mom with some time on your hands, consider donating your time to drive patients to a few of their doctor appointments or treatment appointments. Sadly, there are patients that have no way to get to their treatments to help them get better. Even a trip to the pharmacy or grocery store could be helpful. If you have a mobile phone a one time donation of five dollars can be made if you text hope to 20222. Just like there are Ronald McDonald Houses for families of ill children to stay at, there are Hope Lodges for cancer patients and their caregivers to stay at during treatments in other cities. You can donate your time at any one of the 31 facilities near you.


I Can Cope is an educational program for cancer patients and friends and family of cancer patients. There are online classes as well, if one isn’t local. I Can Cope can help to better understand what cancer patients are going through.

If you are a trained cosmetologist and you want to volunteer, Look Good Feel better is the program for you. This program helps women and men to cope with the changes in the skin and hair that cancer treatments leave. If you don’t want to or can’t donate your time, donate some beauty products such as makeup, wigs, or nail products. Each patient will have a kit to take home with them full of these products and a care guide on how to use them.

If you’re thinking that it’s time for you to have a change in your own appearance, think about donating your hair for the Locks of Love program. Or if one of your children has very long hair and it is time for them to have a trim, think about donating their hair.

Tips and comments

Do you like to walk or run? Try finding a marathon to walk in or run in. Or, if walking or running isn’t your game but golf is, there are golf games to play for cancer.

So, you’re not the athletic type, that’s ok. Help is needed in all areas, even help to answer phones, entering data on the computer, and mailing flyers. Not sitting at a desk your thing? That’s ok, you can advocate legislature for more research funds.

There are just too many ways that you can donate your time to list. Donating your time is just as important as donating money, but if you can donate something of value, think about donating hotel points or airline miles. Thinking of getting a new vehicle, boat, or camper, how about donating your old one?

Anything, anything you can donate will be appreciated to not only the many suffering from cancer but also their family and friends, and the people at the American Cancer Society.

By samque, published at 02/19/2012
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