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How To Find a Cancer Walk in Your Area


Cancer walks are often organized within cities or communities to help build awareness and raise money for patients and research. If you are interested in joining a cancer walk, you can research the upcoming walks in your area in several different ways. If you are unable to find a cancer walk to participate in, consider planning your own.

Step 1

Check your local newspaper. Many local papers will have a special section designed for community events. Check during the spring or summer as these are typically the best times for cancer walks to take place. Pay close attention to radio announcements and television commercials as they may also contain information to help you find cancer walks in your city.

Step 2

Contact your local hospitals, health clinics and cancer centers to see if they have any schedules cancer walks. These locations will often host or sponsor cancer walks to help support their patients and raise money to help with new treatments and developments. You can also check your hospital or clinic bulletin board or newsletters for more information on upcoming events including cancer walks. If you the hospitals on your area are not hosting any cancer walks, the staff may still be able to help you find one near you.

Step 3

Check your community bulletin board for cancer walks that are scheduled to be in your area. If you do not live in a big city, you may still find advertisement or flyers for cancer walks that are in nearby towns or the nearest large city in your area. Check the board often as you never know when a new flyer or advertisement will be placed. Also check boards at your local grocery stores, libraries and laundromats.

Step 4

Organize your own cancer walk. If you are unable to find a cancer walk in your area, consider organizing your own. Talk with the various businesses in your city to find sponsors that will help donate and pay for the event. Ask your friends and family members to volunteer and make donations to get the walk started. Choose a time in your community when no other events are taking place and visit your city council office to make sure you are allowed to hold the walk. The city council officer will also be able to assist you with blocking off streets or designating special streets or areas for the cancer walk to take place. Be sure to advertise your cancer walk on the radio, community bulletin boards and in the newspaper.

Step 5

Search online for cancer walks. Some cancer foundations such as the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure foundation host annual walks. You can find information about these walks online. You can also join online chat rooms or forums that cover various cancer topics to find walks that are organized by city and state. If you are unable to find one in your city, consider traveling to a nearby city or state to participate in their cancer walk. Contact the people in charge of the walk by email or phone to find out more information and to register to walk.


If you have walked in a cancer walk before, sign up for their newsletter to receive information on annual and upcoming walks.

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