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What Is a Breast Cancer Walk


Cancer claims many lives every day. It is responsible for bringing wear and tear in the lives of many people all over the globe and it may result ultimately in the death of the individual suffering from it. Among the different types of cancer, breast cancer is the one that targets women, though men are also susceptible to it. This cancer originates when there is an unrestrained growth of cells in the breast tissue and broadly two types of breast cancer can be seen in the breast tissue. In order to support the cure and to make people familiar with this disease different walks are organized. It is through these walks breast cancer symptoms and cures are highlighted. Breast cancer that emerges from the ducts is known as the ductal carcinomas and the other originating from the lobules is known as lobular carcinomas. A less common type of breast cancer can occur in the Stromal tissues which includes the fibrous tissues of the breast.


Breast Cancer may be the consequence of some mutation or abnormal variation or stimulation in the genes that control the production of breast cells. These genes replace old cells with new healthy ones. Sometimes, it happens because the genes which control the production of cells in an orderly function undergo a change or mutation such that the normal production is altered and there is a superfluous production of cells. Now this excessive production of cells may form a tumor. The tumor may be benign (stationary and not much of a threat to the body) or it may be malignant (spreading to other areas and dangerous). Coping with the disease is a stressful experience not only for the person who is suffering from the disease but also for the people who are around that particular person. In this instance knowing a few basics about the disease are very helpful. And when we come to think of it, what better way could be there than to indulge in breast cancer walks. During this walk breast cancer cure is promoted and people are made aware of it.


Numerous companies worldwide engage in cancer awareness programs. Wearing the pink ribbon symbolizes support for breast cancer cause. One effective way is with a walk breast cancer awareness can be created and support can be shown for the cause. Such a walk is organized by a cosmetics company known as “AVON”. The walk takes place over a distance of about 39 miles in two days where people from different walks of life come together to spread awareness and show support to Breast Cancer. Such walks on behalf of people inspire other people to care for those suffering from the disease. During the walk breast cancer awareness is raised, people are motivated to help others and it creates a spirit of connecting with the victims of this disease.

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Many celebrities also show support for such causes, one such event which is endorsed by celebrities is the Komen races held by Susan G Komen. The event takes place at a stadium and El Paso Diablos was able to raise more than $500,000 in individual contributions. This money helps in cancer research. It is not only the celebrities and famous cosmetic and designer companies that extend support for such causes, but certain societies are also created for this purpose. Many such walks breast cancer related are organized by these societies. For example, in America there is an “American Cancer Society Making Strides” this society not only celebrates the breast cancer survivors, but also ensures people are familiarized with the disease and know how to buffer the adverse affects. This also entails knowing the risks that are associated with the disease.

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