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What To Take For Cancer Pain


People take pain medication all the time. It can be over the shelf medication or prescribed by the family physician. Pain killers play an important role in everyday household. But who would have thought that painkillers are used to help with the pain cancer causes. People who have cancer go through varying levels of pain. But the pain cancer causes can be dealt with through the use of different techniques.


Cancer is uncontrolled and irregular growth of malignant cells inside a human body. When cancer reaches its third and later on the fourth stage, it starts spreading within the body. This causes tumors and infection to grow into other parts and nerves or bones. This causes pain. Cancer can be caused by prolonged exposure to radiation, obesity, heredity, environmental pollution etc. People have used all kinds of medication and techniques to deal with the pain cancer brings with it.


To ease pain, over the shelf medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen can be helpful. Opiods are another sort of medicine used to relief the pain that comes with cancer. Opiods is a term derived from opium. There are two types of opiods, weak and strong ones. Where codeine is a weak opiod, avinza and exalgo are really strong ones. Opiods are prescription drugs and will not be available to people without a prescription. Topical analgesics are like creams and lotions which can be applied near and around the area that suffers the pain cancer has caused. These may include EMLA or lidoderm. These medicines come with the possibility of redness and skin rash though, and are usually used in cases of skin or breast cancer. Cancer pain can also be treated by anti-depressants or anti-convulsants. These medications treat the abnormal activity in the brain and stop it, thus, relieving one of pain. Although the effects are not long lived and the drugs are addictive they are still more sought after than regular pain killers. Because of their nature, these medications are strictly prescription only and cannot be sold without a prescription in most of the countries around the world. Nerve blocking is another way of dealing with the pain. This method includes injecting an anaesthetic around the infected area thus numbing it and blocking all the pain. In the USA, marijuana is also given to cancer patients. In order to deal with the pain and side effects caused by the medication the cancer patients are allowed to smoke it. Currently there are 17 states with marijuana legalised for medical purposes.

Tips and comments

All the pain cancer causes cannot be dealt with medicine alone. It requires a lot of will power. Make sure to take your medication on time. Never skip a dose and never start using a medicine without consulting with your doctor first. If you are already taking pain relief medicine, then you should inform your doctor and ask for advice. Cancer is not something that can be treated in a couple of days, so stay strong and determined and never lose the will and power to fight against cancer.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/14/2012
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