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Most Common Symptoms Of Early Cancer Lung


Throughout the human history efforts have been made to resolve different health issues and combat many different malicious and deadly diseases. Because of the many technological advances it has now become possible to find cures of such diseases. These advances have led to the possibilities where extensive research and study can be conducted to understand the chemistry and nature of these fearsome diseases.

One such disease is cancer. Cancer has many different forms and so can be studied in a variety of ways. Many cancer foundations and societies have been spreading awareness of the different types of cancer like pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, lung cancer, etc. Due to the help of such awareness campaigns and studies it is now very much possible to diagnose and identify the symptoms of these different types of cancer. For example symptoms cancer lung can now be identified in detail. Symptoms cancer lung can be numerous but are not that easy to identify at the start.


When it comes to the specific type of cancer that is lung cancer, the disease was prevalent until 1900s. However, during the start of the 20th century the disease was identified in the United States and then the rest of the world. Due to the widespread production and distribution of tobacco all around the world, the cause of this malicious disease is directly ascribed to smoking. Symptoms cancer lung are not just related to a particular neoplasm but rather can be attributed to a group of tumors in the respiratory tract. Nowadays due to excessive smoking, both in men and women, the deaths caused by lung cancer have increased dramatically. Out of the many different forms of cancer, lung cancer is considered the most common. Not only are the people who smoke are affected but also the ones who inhale it.


As far as symptoms cancer lung are concerned it depends on the spread of the disease and the size of the cancer causing tumor. Most of the times the symptoms do not become evident until the disease reaches its later stage. The cancer can be discovered through a simple chest x-ray. What is seen first is the small self-contained tiny mass often named as coin lesion. At this stage the patient is not able to feel any prominent discomfort and signs that can be attributed as warnings of lung cancer. So at the early discovery stage there are no specific symptoms. However, when the cancer starts to grow and the size of the tumor becomes bigger, the symptoms start becoming evident. This increased size and growth first hampers the normal breathing flow. This obtrusion leads to cough, pain in the chest, breathing difficulty and wheeziness.

Tips and comments

These early symptoms cancer lung can later on lead to drastic and severe symptoms like shoulder pains that travel to the arms. The prolonged breathlessness and cough can lead to vocal cord paralysis. This has a direct effect on the esophagus, the blocking of which makes swallowing very difficult. Finally the large size of the tumor can collapse certain portions of the lung leading to other infections. The cancer spreads to the other parts of the body especially the bones. This makes the bone movement very painful. It can also spread to brain leading to headaches, strokes and weakness. This malicious disease results in the overall deterioration of health such as weight loss, depression, stress, fatigue and mood swings. The feeling of frustration is always there. As the symptoms are not easily identifiable at the start it is highly recommended to consult a doctor when an individual starts experiencing chest pain, cough, respiratory infections, fatigue, and weight loss. Laziness in this matter can cost a lot so regular check-ups and preventive measures should never be ignored.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/18/2012
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