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How To Beat Small Cell Cancer


Did you know that cancer loves everyone? It does not care if you are old or young, married, have a family that is depending on you or if you are alone. Hearing that you have small cell cancer is a very trying time for you, your family and your friends. There may even come a time that everyone around you treats you like you are fragile and will break. Treating small cell cancer and big cell cancer is basically the same, and so should your approach on how you handle it. Your attitude can play a big part on how well your body responds to treatment. This does not mean that you have to act like you are happy all of the time, but being depressed causes a myriad of issues in and of itself. Your outlook on life plays a big part of how you feel.

Step 1

The first step to beating small cell cancer and any cancer has to do with timing. The faster it is caught the better the outcome will be. Your treatment can start faster and this can help the small cell cancer from spreading to other parts of your body. You and your doctor can set for a plan to treat the cancer.

Step 2

Did you know that small cell cancer hates oxygen? One way that you can help yourself is to breathe deeply and do it as much as you can. You can also exercise if your body can handle it. Going for a walk or light aerobic exercise will help.

Step 3

Many people that get cancer do not like to eat. Usually it is because they are sick from the treatments they are receiving to treat the small cell cancer. This can make your immune system even weaker, and you can get sick. Having a healthy immune system is very important when you are trying to battle cancer. You may not be able to eat a full meal, but there are many different nutritional supplements that are on the market today that can help you. You want to keep your vitamins high in your body. The thing you do want to do is avoid sugary foods. Every now and then is okay, but you do not want to over do it.

Step 4

Having a support system in place is great to boost your attitude. Trying to stay positive can be hard, but it can actually help you. Even though it is hard when you have small cell cancer or any cancer, staying optimistic can help. Being depressed will make you tired and feel hopeless. When fighting cancer having a support system in place to pick you back up when feeling down can help you out in many ways. Having a positive attitude can give you the feeling that you can and will beat your cancer.

Step 5

Not being afraid to ask for help. Again having a support system in place is good. If you have small children and a house to take care of it can be very hard to keep everything going. Being able to have friends to count on so they can help out around the house and with the kids on days that you are not feeling very good can also help you.


Nothing can guarantee your small cell cancer will be beat, but you can often have a better outcome the sooner it is caught and can get treatment started.

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By Sally Vigil, published at 02/17/2012
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