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Cancer is of many types and each must be treated as soon as a person is diagnosed with it. Cancer is only best treated when it is in its early stages but with new cancer treatments even at later stages there is now a fighting chance for a person to survive. Some types of cancer are also found to be less known to the general public but with constant media campaigns and many hospitals and doctors educating their patients about the symptoms and signs of cancer, many people now have a chance of finding cancer if it is in their body at an early stage and get it treated. One type of cancer that has gained prominence in recent days due to its lack of awareness is the Breast Cancer or in medical terms, malignant breast neoplasm. It is a cancer that is found in the breast tissue. New cancer treatments for breast cancer are being developed and practiced. Many better treatments are resulting in countless women going into remission.


The very first sign and symptom of breast cancer in women is the presence of a lump in their breast. According to many studies about 80% of breast cancer cases have been discovered by women like this. Also a lump in your armpit can also indicate that your body may have developed breast cancer. Women can also find out about the lumps or cancer in their body by simply going for a mammogram that can help you locate the cancer in its earliest stages. Therefore it is advised that regular mammograms should be taken so that you have a good chance to beating this disease. Other designs and symptoms of cancer in breast is the nipple inversion, variations in the size and shape of breasts and in some case have a single nipple discharge. With the development of new cancer techniques and diagnostics many women can know whether they have cancer or not beforehand.


A number of new cancer treatments have been developed that have helped women get rid of this disease. The foremost technique that is being used is the surgical method to remove the affected region. This is of three types; the first one is called Mastectomy in which if the cancer has spread dramatically then the whole breast is removed, the other is Quadrantectomy in which the quarter of the breast that has the tumor is removed. The third surgical procedure is called Lumpectomy in which the smallest part (the region where tumor is) is removed. Many patients tend to undergo cosmetic surgery to regain the aesthetic appearance that they had before.

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Cancer is a curable disease and many hospitals are now offering many new cancer treatments that have been developed after careful research and work. People that have been facing this disease usually go into depression, lose hope and need their morale boosted up. One must try to motivate them and keep them hopeful as willpower is the most significant weapon against any kind of cancer.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/23/2012
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