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What Is the Breast Cancer Ribbon?


To create better awareness about a cause and promote it more efficiently it is best to create symbols for your cause. Symbols are easy to recognize and remember. Just by looking at a symbol, we can recall the objective of the cause. Having one symbol can also create unity and loyalty. The best example of symbols is a country’s flag; many of us would be able to tell the name of the country just by looking at its flag. Same is the case with landmarks. Each landmark like the pyramids holds certain goodwill around them that makes them stand out and hence every time we see the pyramids we instantly think of mummies and Egypt. Symbols are also used for diseases such as AIDS, cancer, polio, etc. One such symbol is the Pink breast cancer ribbon that was developed for the sole purpose of creating awareness about the disease while also helping in boosting the morale of women fighting breast cancer. Breast cancer ribbon is pink and is mostly seen in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Ribbons or awareness ribbons have become a mode of awareness and promotion for different causes specially those related to fatal diseases. It is the color of the ribbon that is distinctive and the main feature that helps in letting other people know what is the ribbon creating awareness for. The black color, for instance, is used for mourning mostly whereas puzzle ribbon is for autism. Activists and non-governmental organizations working for the awareness of AIDS and its education were also inspired to create a ribbon for AIDS. The color red was chosen for AIDS. It was popularized during the Tony Awards when actor Jeremy Irons wore it and was followed on by viewers and media like. Every symbol has a purpose; the breast cancer ribbon symbolizes fear of the breast cancer and hope for the future


Breast Cancer ribbon has been used unethically by companies too that sometimes print the pink ribbon on their packages or use it for promotion and advertising but in fact, do not pay any kind of charity or proceeds from the cause of elimination or treatment of breast cancer. This is also referred to as the cause-related marketing and as the pink ribbon is not trademark product or intellectual property of anyone, it is therefore used by many businesses to promote themselves by using it. This is what many critics of this practice call it pink washing - a portmanteau of pink ribbon and white wash. Many businesses are criticized for this unethical practice. Many celebrities endorse the pink ribbon for actual reasons. Glenn McGrath – one of the most famous sportsmen in Australia (ex-spear head fast bowler of Australian Cricket Team) promotes the cause with his foundation; McGrath’s wife’s life was claimed by breast cancer...

Tips and comments

Breast Cancer ribbon has become a symbol of hope and resilience for many women who are fighting against the disease. If they see someone wearing the ribbon they feel motivated; the support shown by others makes them more determined to come out victorious in their battle for survival. The ribbon also creates a sense of camaraderie among the victims, who motivate and inspire each other by showing unity. Helping someone even with a smallest act of kindness can bring a positive change in the lives of many. Wearing pink ribbon can do nothing but good for women with breast cancer.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/27/2012
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