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Where To Find Pink Ribbon Merchandise To Support Breast Cancer

Published at 02/16/2012 05:56:40


Nearly everyone knows that breast cancer is represented with a pink ribbon. It is just one of the many different colors of cancer bracelets that you can get these days. Along with the ribbon for breast cancer, there are many different places that are selling pink breast cancer merchandise. One of the first companies to start was Avon. Every year they would come out with a new pen and a lapel pin and the proceeds would go to breast cancer research. October has been declared breast cancer awareness month. There is even the Breast Cancer Site online that you can buy clothing, accessories, jewelry and other pink breast cancer merchandise and the proceeds help women get free mammograms.

There are many companies that also sell products in the grocery stores during the month of October that have the pink ribbons on them and if you buy the product a percentage from that product sold will also go towards breast cancer research. It is a great thing that these companies are doing for breast cancer research. At first, the merchandise was limited to just a few pieces of jewelry and a couple of t-shirts. Theses days, you can find items from certain companies that are only offered for a short time that are done in the traditional pink color. The Company, Provo Craft created a pink Cricut machine that came with a special cartridge for breast cancer. This was only available for a short time and has since been discontinued.

KitchenAid has many products for breast cancer. Not only do the have a mixer that is pink, but they have many other appliances and small tools for the kitchen that you can get in pink with the signature ribbon on them. Ten percent of the proceeds from these products go to the fight against breast cancer. Many of the stores also carry aprons, socks, and of course travel mugs for the awareness of breast cancer. You can find pink breast cancer awareness items almost anywhere these days. They also sell Christmas ornaments that you can get either as a remembrance or to signify someone close to you beating breast cancer. It is nice to see all of the companies come together and try to find a cure for all of the people that have suffered from the affects of breast cancer; it can have an impact on the whole family.

Tips and comments

If breast cancer has come into your life, realize that you are not alone in your fight. If you have been affected by breast cancer, help to get the word out about it. If you can help to educate others and become a voice for those that can not be here anymore. A family can be devastated by cancer and it does take its toll on every single member. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, then you need to fight like a girl and never give up hope. You can also do your part by buying pink breast cancer merchandise whenever you can.