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About Using a Blood Test To Find Cancer

Published at 02/23/2012 19:23:43


Cancer is very severe disease than not only damage your health but also consumes the large portion of your wealth. Cancer has many kinds like ovarian cancer, colon and lungs cancer blood cancer, and breast cancer. It may be small in size or may it expand in all over the body. When cancer disease occurs in any part of body, it starts spreading rapidly in all over the body. Cancer is such a mysterious and silent disease that not feel in its initial stages but as the time passes, it symptoms appear. It is better to treat it in its initial stages otherwise it can be most harmful as it causes death. How can you get know that you are affected by cancer? There are some most beneficial ways available by using which one can know if he or she is affected by cancer disease or not. These ways are the initial testes like AMAS (the anti malignin antibody screen test), cancer marker test, microscopy, ultrasound, radiography, PET, MMT, CT scan, LFT, and blood tests.


Blood cancer test is most reliable and frequently applied way to find out the cancer disease in human body. Blood tests of cancer can not only help to find out blood cancer but also the cancer affected areas in all over the body. Blood cancer test is considered sound effective for detecting all type of cancer in human body. Blood tests for cancer can detect even the cancer in each affected cell among billions of other normal and unaffected cells. Blood tests are taken to know that if these are ay cancerous cells are present in body or not additionally how to treat them like which treatment would be affected and beneficial to cure the cancer. The blood cancer test is taken time to time, before the treatment of cancer, during the treatment when needed and after the completion of treatment.


Blood marker test is another most using cancer test that is frequently advised by oncologist as it is very fast and accurate in detecting cancer disease. There are many other kinds of blood marker test these are:

CA.15.3, it is used to detect cancer in breast and ovary.

CEA, it is used to detect the cancer in lungs, sigmoid colon, and liver and it is also used to detect whether breast cancer spread in other body parts or not.

CA.1255 is a form of blood marker test that is applied for the detection and presence as well as the treatment of cancer in ovary and breast in women.

Blood CP (blood complete picture) test is also commonly used for the detection of cancer disease as well as for the other disease.

FBC (full blood count) is also another form of blood tests that is use to find out the cancer disease in human body.

Tips and comments

The AMAS is most effective and reliable cancer test that is frequently used now a day to detect cancer disease in a body. It detects the 95-99% accurate presence of cancer disease in human body. It is recommended by world’s most well reputed and famous oncologists.