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How Does Diet Affect Cancer Risk

Published at 02/28/2012 18:38:40


Cancer is very serious and dangerous disease. It is major disorder of organelles functions of human body and is very common disease. About 70 or 80 percent people may get infected by cancer disease. It is a severe combination of many diseases. Cancer is not such disease that attacks on our body in one day, it works slowly in background and you realized when it spreads in all over the body. There are many reasons behind the occurrence of this severe disease. If you have the weak health and immune system or you are living I unhealthy and polluted environment. It may cause because of exercise, less sleep, and more stress. The most important of all is our diet. The diet cancer occurs because of some specific type of diet elements. When you use these food elements in your diet in excessive amount, they can cause different types of cancer diseases in our body.


About 40-45% cancer disease causes by dietary consumption. Actually Cancer is caused by abnormal and rapid growth of some infected cells called as cancerous cells. When cells of our body get damaged and die, these dead cells are being replaced by new and healthy cells. This is a natural process in all human beings. But if this system can’t perform its specific duty, it results many infections and deficiencies in our organelles functions. The excessive amount of vitamin K damage the cells replacement process and when body cells stop replacement the dead ones, the diet cancer occurs in body. This type of cancer is 100% caused by some harmful diet elements.


Some diet elements increase the cancer risks and few diet elements reduce the cancer risks. For example, as we discussed before the vitamin K causes the destruction of dead cell replacement. The extreme consumption of alcohol is a major reason behind diet cancer. Diet which contains excessive amount of cholesterol and fats also increases the risk of cancer. The excessive amount of some diet elements not only causes the cancer disease but low consumption of some essential food elements also increases or decreases the cancer risks. For example, the low consumption of fruits and vegetables also increase affects the cancer risks because the lack of vitamins that are found in some fruits and vegetables may causes diet cancer. And the less consumption of red meat decreases the cancer risks.

Tips and comments

Some useful and balanced use of coffee decreases the cancer risks and excessive smoking increases the risks. The diet cancer effects the cells of diet canals of our body, specifically the colon and pancreatic cancer is caused by diet. Although if you’ll take the balanced diet specifically the fruits and vegetables in your diet, this usage would definitely affect the risks of cancer as it would decrease the cancer risks while if you’ll take the excessive amount of that same diet it would increase the cancer risks. So always take that diet which is recommended by your oncologist as they better know the dos and don’ts about you.