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What Is the Most Common Symptom Of Thyroid Cancer

Published at 02/28/2012 07:38:46


There are different types of ailments that affect our health, some are considered to be petty ailments while others are chronic and life threatening. Others only act like a ticket to the afterlife. Most of these diseases can be prevented if detected early but they are very hard to deal with if they are detected at their later stages. Cancer is one of these malignant disease which when spotted at an early stage can be arrested.

Cancer known in medical terms as malignant neoplasm consists of a group of various different diseases with the same element of all having caused by unregulated cell growth. The cancer symptoms differ depending on what cancer that is in debate.


Thyroid cancer is one of the cancers. It affects the thyroid gland that is found in the neck. The gland is actively involved with producing thyroid hormones which are very important considering they are the ones that help in regulating the rate of metabolism. Thyroid cancer affects this activity hence interfering with the rate at which all the other body parts functions.

Thyroid cancer has a lot of cancer symptom. However, during the early stage it’s very hard to tell of its cancer symptom. Cancer symptom only show up as the cancer develops to some later stages. The most common symptom is that of a small lump that the victim can feel on his neck. This is just a sign to indicate that thyroid cancer is in its initial stages. If not checked at these stages various cancer symptoms continue to show up at different stages as the disease progresses. The victim’s voice may start becoming hoarse as the disease continues to spread. He may also experience difficulties when swallowing food since the thyroid glands are somewhere near the throat. Severe pains in the neck are also some of this cancer symptom.


All these are things the victim can feel and observe for himself. It does not necessarily mean that if they start appearing he is ailing from thyroid cancer. Until this point the victim is not guilty until proven otherwise. The best thing to do after this is visit the doctor for some checkups. The doctors equipped with the necessary knowledge will be able to confirm whether these are cancer symptoms or just infections. If found to be cancer symptoms then the patient should proceed to the next treatment stage and if need be it is important to get counsel first as the treatment may negatively affect his health and even the development of other vital organs.

Tips and comments

Thyroid cancer is notoriously known for targeting people in a certain age groups, sex and race. It is common mostly among the older people as compared to those below the age of 30 it is therefore advisable if you are in this target group and having these symptoms to consult your doctor. Women and the white people are also prone to getting thyroid cancer than men and people of African origin. Cancer symptoms are of importance as they help in spotting and treating the disease early.