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What Are the Effects Of Cancer on a Patient's Family

Published at 02/17/2012 04:33:00


When a person finds out they have cancer, the effects from the cancer can be devastating to that person. If that person has a family, it can also be devastating news for them. Families are a unit that are bonded through thick and thin and while they might not always get a long, when a crisis comes up; the whole family comes back together and faces the crisis together. When one has cancer family members may be feeling sadness, disbelief and sometimes the feeling of thank goodness it is not me and then they have guilt. All of these feelings are natural and it is what makes us human. The following article will explain what cancer can do and how it makes different family members feel.


If you are married and your spouse has been diagnosed with cancer, you are going to be very scared because you do not know what the outcome will be. You may also start to feel very overwhelmed in the realization that your spouse who promised to be there for you forever may not be there one day. Cancer makes us face our own mortality and no one likes to face that. You also might be angry with your spouse and wonder how they can do this to you and your children. These feelings are normal and usually pass very quickly. Knowing that you may have to take care of the kids, bills and yourself alone can be very overwhelming, but it can be done.

Your parents can also see effects cancer plays on them and be devastated. Most parents feel guilty because it is their child that has the cancer and not them. As parents, we are suppose to fix everything for our child and it does not matter how old they are, if we can not fix it we will fell guilt


Your kids and they way they act will depend on their ages. If you have young children, they might understand that you are sick but they will not comprehend that you could also not be there for them. They might also become very clingy and whiny. Understand that this effects cancer on young children is normal and it is their way of coping with the changes that are going on. Older kids and teenagers can become withdrawn and seem to pull away from people in the family. This is their way of coping with what is going on. They are very scared and sometimes just need their space. They might also start to partake in risky business, and this is another way that they are dealing with everything that is going on.

Tips and comments

A family can see many different effects cancer has on them. It sometimes can rip a family apart. The person with cancer is going to need all of the support they can get and so will the other family members. If you find yourself facing effects cancer, you should think of getting counseling for all of those that are involved. Another thing that you should do is not sugar coat things about how you are doing. Be truthful , you family members will understand and if they ask, they really do want to know.