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Hearing that you child has cancer is very scary. No parents want to think that they might have to bury their child. Children are very special and when they are sick it makes parents very sad. It is hard to be strong for them and not show weakness. Some people will say that it is okay to show them that you are scared also, and other will say this is not a good thing to do. Cancer children can put the family through sad times and can cause financial strain on the family. If there are other kids they can feel neglected and that you are spending too much time with the child that has cancer. While this may be the case, their feelings are very normal. They are scared and worried just like you are. It might be hard, but try to understand how they feel.


When cancer children are going through the fight many people might be trying to get in touch with you and want updates. If you have been at the hospital with your child all day this can be the last thing that you feel like doing but at the same time you are amazed at how much people do care. There are a few sites online that you can put your information in and make a page where everyone can keep up. You will be able to update the page as many times as you want and this can help to keep all family and close friends up to date.


There is also a big financial strain on parents with cancer children. Insurance does cover some things but there are limits on what is covered and there is also a cap per year for each family member. There is help out there and some hospitals, depending on the type of cancer will help your child for free. Saint Jude’s was started by Danny Thomas when he opened the doors for cancer children in 1962. There have been many children that have been helped.

Tips and comments

When you are dealing with cancer children, remember it takes time for everyone to adjust. Small children that have the cancer may be terrified and become very clingy. This is normal, after all small children should never have to go through that. Teenagers may become withdrawn and want to spend hours on end in their rooms. This is normal for children who do not have cancer, so give them their space. Try to keep your anger away from the cancer children so they do not think that they are doing anything wrong. If you need to get you and your cancer children into counseling or a support group. There are support groups for parents and sibling to understand what the child that is going through the cancer might be experiencing. You may feel very alone, but know that there are others that are going through the same thing and the feelings you are having are normal and will help you cope.

By Sally Vigil, published at 02/16/2012
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