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For laymen cancer can be defined as an abnormal growth of cells in human body. It is a disease that eats up its patients from inside and eventually leading to a painful death. A few decades ago this disease was considered to be incurable but thanks to the development in modern science and the research carried out in medicine the disease can now be cured. Another problem with this disease is that it has harmed people across the globe. Canada is no different but Canadian cancer patients are sort of lucky due to the facilities available in their country. Number of Canadian cancer patients is increasing every day and the cancer treatment centers are working very hard to help these patients.


Cancer has been as old as the human nature, it’s just that it was not diagnosed at that time. The Canadian cancer society was formed in 1938 but the road map was actually laid in 1929. Since then it’s been a continuous struggle against this deadly disease. The society is working very hard to make Canada cancer free and to some extent the society achieved some success. Even then the number of cancer patients in Canada is rising and according to a very detailed study in 2011, 20 people on average were diagnosed with cancer every hour and almost 8 people passed away. These figures are alarming but better than many countries across the globe. Prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women have been at the top of the list in terms of number of cases for years now. Lung cancer is second on the list for both genders.


Canadian cancer treatment centers are one of the best on this planet. The facilities provided and the equipment used is top of the line. The doctors hired are not only competent and hardworking but have years of experience in this field. The cancer treatment centers are spread across the country to relive the patients. They don’t have to travel long miles to reach a cancer treatment center. Almost all of the centers are equally matched. Also there is a lot of research going on in these centers to identify more ways for curing this disease. Majority of these centers are state owned which makes them more credible and the insurance easily covers their expenses.

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Cancer is a parasite that is eating up Canadians for years now. The Canadian cancer treatment centers are working very hard in the battle against this deadly disease. Unfortunately the root cause of this disease cannot be eliminated but the growth of cells can be stopped and this is what these centers are doing. At the moment the Canadian Cancer Centers have been unable to make Canada cancer free but they have saved a number of people suffering from it. Canada is not cancer free but thanks to these Canadian cancer centers, which are the very best in their game, Canada has one of the lowest mortality rates from cancer. The battle is on and it is not a lost cause.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/19/2012
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