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Cancer is one of the most painful diseases known to mankind. It slowly eats up the patient and if not diagnosed on time the disease eventually leads to death of the patient. Although the modern science has developed so much yet it cannot predict whether a specific person is showing signs that might eventually lead to this cancer. Having said this over the past few years it has been observed that women are more prone to cancer. Cancer women relationship seems to be a favorable to the disease. Due to this a lot of women have formed organizations to collect funds and fight for cancer women. This is a very bold move by women and things seem to be working out for them in a good way.


The whole movement of women started when the infamous Breast cancer in women started to proliferate. The increase in the number cases was shocking for both the doctors and also the medical analysts. For some unknown reason cancer women were deserted and family avoided them. The influential women decided to take things in their own hands and started working for cancer patients. This was a worldwide phenomenon and no single state can take its claim. The interesting thing was that many women who had recovered from cancer joined these groups and started to take part in fund raisers. They empathize with the cancer victims and work relentlessly to gather funds to help them as much as they can.


At the beginning it was argued that women will not be good fund managers as they have to look after their house and kids. A lot of other bad remarks were also passed by the critiques about the spending habits and lack of self-control shown by women in general throughout the globe. Surprisingly, it worked the other way around and women have proved that they are extremely good at this job. Donations received for cancer women are channelized as soon as possible to the deserving patients and this allows maintaining credibility. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies though, some fund raisers face severe criticism from the locals and the pressure groups who basically hail from conservative school of thought. In the realist paradigm the locals and cow boys are working for their own interests and they want to prevent their vested interests.

Tips and comments

In recent past a lot of fraud has also been conducted during the fund raising activities. Especially in the fund raising for cancer patients. In recent past a Ponzi scheme was uncovered and one woman gave a bad name to all women who are collecting funds. But in reality the real and strong women who raise funds for cancer should be looked upon with utmost respect. They are doing a service to the humanity because most of them have been through the sufferings themselves. It takes a lot of hard work, will and dedication for fund raising especially for cancer women. In short fund raising is not everyone’s cup of tea and should only be carried out by individuals who have the stamina and right intensity of dedication.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/19/2012
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