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Can Men Be Diagnosis With Breast Cancer?


At one time it was not known that men can and do get breast cancer. Breast cancer is mainly a cancer that women get, but it can happen in men too and it needs to be talked about. Breast cancer starts in the cells of the breast. This is when it is classified as a tumor and might start spreading to the surrounding tissue. Many people do not understand that men have the same breast tissue as women and can also develop breast cancer. Men can also have benign breast disorders. Tumors that are benign do not spread beyond the breast tissue.


With breast cancer in men, the most common type is called gynecomastia. It is not a cancer but is more of an increase in breast tissue. A man with this issue has a button like or disk like growth under his nipple. This can be felt and sometimes it can be seen. If you find a lump, it is very important to get it checked by a doctor. This condition is much more common in men than cancer, but if a lump is felt it should still be checked out by a doctor. This condition is very common in teenage boys because of all the hormones that are going through the body during puberty.


Treating males with breast cancer is done almost the same way as it is for women. After a diagnosis of breast cancer, depending on the stage of the cancer, there are option treatments that are available. One of the options will be a biopsy to make sure the cancer has not spread. In males, the cancer does not spread like it does with a female. One of the reasons could be the lack of tissue mass in the male breast compared to the female breast. After the biopsy, the doctor will then discuss your treatment options which can include surgery to remove the cancerous growth, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Just like with women, the sooner it is caught the better the treatment will be.

Tips and Comments

There is not much known about the treatment of males with breast cancer. The focus of the medical community has been on the focus of women with breast cancer. This is understandable because breast cancer is the top cancer among women. But, since breast cancer can happen in men, then it needs to be paid attention to more and treatment that works will need to be figured out. Right now, most of the treatment is the same as with females, but the cancer is not the same because while a breast has the same parts in both sexes, it is still different. The treatment that is being done now seems to take care of the problem in men, but further research should be done. It also needs to be brought to the attention of men that they can get breast cancer and need to check them the same way female checks for breast cancer. Ladies make the males in your life aware that they can get breast cancer too.

By Sally Vigil, published at 02/21/2012
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