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Best New Treatments For Cancerous Moles


Moles are little pieces of skin that are usually raised and brown in color. Depending on the person the color of brown can range from light to almost black. They are usually round in shape and the shape is very consistent. However, a mole can change shapes or get darker and this is when you need to be aware that moles can be cancerous. Moles are clumps of pigment that gets bunched up together. They can occur anywhere on the body and most are pretty small. Some people do have them in places that are not convenient and get them removed from a dermatologist. Anyone can get moles but people who are fair skin tend to have more moles and also get more freckles. While most moles will develop in the younger years, you can get them at any time.

You should check your moles once a month and report any changes to your dermatologist. Some of the changes to look for include the color, shape, texture, size and how many you have. If you notice that they look different than other moles on your body or they are scaly, it is time to consult the doctor to find out if they have become cancerous. The most common treatment of cancerous moles is surgery to remove the mole and is mostly done at the doctor's office. For most small moles, you will not require stitches after ward. For a larger mole the doctor may perform minor surgery where the mole and surrounding skin is removed. One of the easiest ways to stop you from getting cancerous moles is to always wear sunscreen. This includes during the winter and on cloudy days. The suns UV rays can still damage the skin and cause cancer.

If you do have cancerous moles the doctor will first order a biopsy to see if there are cancerous cells. If there are then a treatment plan will be put into place. Once the moles change to cancer, you will be considered to have melanoma or skin cancer. If the melanoma is in an advanced stage, then the doctor will suggest radiation therapy as a way to rid you of the cancer. Your doctor may also discuss with you drug treatments to treat the cancer. You will be under going tests to see how far advanced the cancer is. If caught early enough, it can be easy to get rid of. If the cancer is advanced, the outlook is not as good. This is why checking for changes in your moles are very important. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer once, you have a high rate for the cancer to return.


You best defense again getting cancerous moles is to check your body once a month for any changes. Also wearing sun screen can make a difference of how serious your cancer will turn out to be. If you have young children, it is a good idea to use a sunscreen on a daily basis for them.

By Sally Vigil, published at 02/21/2012
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