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What Are the Best Ways To Cure Infection Yeast?

Published at 02/25/2012 16:13:37


We love our dogs not only because they guard us at night or in the clear presence of danger, but also because they prove to be the most loyal friend one can have. We play with them, and, in fact, they are one way to get those carbohydrates our body needs as a walk with your dog is one of the healthiest exercises.

Be watchful of is the diseases and infections that your dogs can contract or have already. One of the infections that we need to be aware of is yeast infection and should know how to cure infection yeast can cause. Yeast infection in dogs is a normal thing and your dog will show signs and symptoms in due time if it has contracted it. There are many ways to cure the infection yeast can cause and it is easy to identify whether your dog has the infection.

To cure a yeast infection causes in your dog, you would first need to know the symptoms that can show up in your dog's body. There is a simple way to do so. Check your dog's body for places where it's shedding a lot of hair. You will also observe that the dog will try to lick the infected area a lot during the day. Once you see the area susceptible of being yeast infection area you will be able to smell a sour odor arising from it. You should also be able to witness a white discharge but this will only be in cases if the infection is very severe. If you want to check your dog's infection, you can start from the groin area, the area under its jaws and the chest area. These three areas are where yeast infection is most likely to occur in your dog.

Curing infection yeast in your dogs is not very hard and you may not need to make an appointment with a veterinarian after all. The reason being that there are many effective and workable treatments that can be used at home to cure your dog of this infection. The first thing is to give your dog a proper bath with dog medicated shampoo containing miconazole. This substance can help in controlling the yeast infection in your dog. Ketoconazole is another substance that can help your dog get better as this also helps in opening the skin and inhibiting the bacteria. An additional method of treating your dog is to use yogurt on the infected part. Yogurt is the foremost remedy for curing yeast infection.


If your dog is fond of swimming and won't stop, of if he happens to be excessively hairy, or has many folds in its skin then it may be more prone to have yeast infection. Old dogs also tend to develop it. By using different home remedies to cure infection yeast causes and by taking certain precautionary steps you can stop this malady or infection from recurring in your dog again.