What Diseases Can Parasites Cause?
Diseases Parasites

What Diseases Can Parasites Cause?

Published at 01/26/2012 17:05:50


What Diseases Can Parasites Cause?

Parasite is an organism that feeds and lives on other organisms for food while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. Parasites are dangerous to their hosts and result in some serious diseases most of the times. There are several types of parasites like Ringworms, tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms and roundworms. Each of these parasites causes a different disease. The parasites are classified into four types. 30% live in our digestive system; while the other 70% live in other parts of our body which include brain, eyes and sinus cavity.


What Diseases Can Parasites Cause?

Diseases incurred by parasites are very common and people of Middle East and North America are most likely to suffer from this. The symptoms of parasite diseases are that a person feels tired, suffers from food sensitivities, depression, itchiness, forgetfulness, slow reflexes, loss of appetite and women face problems in their menstrual cycle.


What Diseases Can Parasites Cause?

The diseases caused by the parasites is not limited to humans. They also cause diseases in cattle and animals. Parasites on the basis of their interaction with the host and according to their life cycle are classified. Endo-parasites are those parasites that live inside their host. Ecto-parasites are those parasites which live on the surface of their host for their survival. The host can be a human, cat, dog or fish. Each of the parasites causes a different disease. The diseases caused by Endo-parasite are Coccidia. It affects the intestine and is widely spread. The diseases caused by ecto-parasites, such as bedbugs, affect the skin most. It causes scabies which affects the skin. It is caused by skin to skin contact such as sexual activity or via exchange of clothes. Screw-worm is another disease. It affects skin and wounds. It is most common North America. It is caused by direct contact with a fly. The diseases which cause illness in humans are protozoan and helminthes. Parasites which attack cattle cause a lot of damage. It impairs health, damages reproduction and productivity. In extreme severe cases it leads to death of the cattle. Malaria is caused by a mosquito. It is caused by the Sporozoan species known as Plasmodium. River blindness is common in Africa and Middle East. It is caused by parasitic roundworm. It is caused when a black fly bites. Sleeping sickness is also caused by protozoa of species Trypanosoma brucie and transmitted by the tsetse fly. Parasites that cause diseases in animals are fleas. They make an animal’s life miserable as they suffer from severe itching. Then there is heart worm which is caused by a parasite that lives in the blood vessels and lungs. It is transmitted by mosquitoes. Ear mites affect the ears of cats and dogs. Demodex mite is a disease found in dogs. It affects the dog’s skin badly. It does not occur in healthy animals and occurs very rarely. Cheyletiella mites live on skin; they cause irritation, dandruff and itchiness.

Tips and comments

If you feel any symptom regarding parasite diseases, then you should immediately consult a doctor as the diseases might get deadly. However, it is better to keep yourself and your surroundings clean so you do not contract any such disease at all.


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