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How To Cleanse Your Body Of Parasites

Published at 02/21/2012 05:14:54


Cleansing the body of parasites has recently become a very popular practice. There are several different pills, herbal supplements, and natural remedies available to flush parasites out of your body. There are also many different little changes you can make in your diet and daily life style that can prevent parasites from entering your body.

Step 1

To cleanse your body of parasites, you can check out some of the many products offered at natural food stores, herbal supplement stores and vitamin shops. These products are called parasite cleansers and are taken orally, usually in liquid or pill form. If you're going to use the detox product route, you will want to make sure you've spoken with your doctor ahead of time as well as have completed extensive research on the product you're looking to use. Usual side effects include, stomach aches, painful bowel movements and abdominal pains.

Step 2

Eating cultured food is another method to cleanse your body of parasites. Yogurt is known to be one of the most popular cultured foods as it contains enzymes and probiotics that are scientifically proven to kill off harmful parasites and bacterias that may be in your body. Greek yogurt is one of the most eaten cultured foods on the market. You can usually purchase cultured foods from your local grocery store or super market. However, it is important to make sure the cultured products are not made from soy or rice and are made from milk instead.

Step 3

Adding garlic to your daily diet will also help cleanse the body of parasites. We all know raw garlic has a funky taste to it and is not very appealing in smell but it can do wonders when trying to cleanse ones self. Many properties in garlic are known to kill off harmful parasites and keep you in general good health. If raw garlic is not your thing, you can try garlic pills in capsule form. They can be purchased from practically any supermarket, drug store, vitamin shop or herbal store and are very inexpensive in price.

Step 4

Eat more fruits and veggies to cleanse yourself from parasites. Fruits and vegetables are good for you, for a ton of reasons but one of the reasons is that they help you prevent and get rid of parasites. Citrus foods are especially effective when trying to kill off parasites. Fruits like oranges, grape fruit, leech lime, lemon, and mandarin are popular citrus fruits. You also can try eating lots of carrots as they are known to increase your white blood cell count, which in turn will ward off parasites inside your body.

Step 5

Give apple cider vinegar a try. Although not very pleasant in taste, it will do it's job. It's scientifically proven that increasing acidity in your stomach can do the trick when trying to cleanse your body of parasites. Drink two table spoons of apple cider vinegar before eating a full meal as the acid in the vinegar will help keep parasites at bay. You can drink these two table spoons before breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Some other well-known parasite cleansing recipes include pumpkin seeds, peppermint seeds, black walnuts, and gentian root. Some of these taste better than others but are all used by Native Americans as they are natural, healthy and an effective way to rid parasites of the body. You can purchase any of these items from you local vitamin shop, online vitamin stores or grocery store. They also are generally inexpensive in price.


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