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Online Banking With Suntrust


What is online banking? It is a service provided by the banks via the internet that allows users to access their accounts virtually. This can easily be done if you have a computer and an internet connection. Almost all banks offer this service now for the convenience of their clients. At Suntrust Bank also, they provide the online Suntrust banking to provide you with the virtual banking experience. Although it works like any other online bank, it is more user friendly and provides convenient offers which complete the online Suntrust banking experience.


Suntrust Bank has been on the horizon for a long time now. However, its online services have been activated fairly recently. When a customer logs on, their data is transmitted to the bank’s web server. When requests for data are made, they are passed onto the bank’s internet banking server, which then accesses the customer information database server. At all stages, connection from the customers PC to the web server is secure. There are firewalls between the web server and the internet banking server to prevent direct access from the customer to the customer information database. This makes online Suntrust banking extremely safe for its users.


Sun Trust is the leading bank of the United States and provides many services for its clients. One of its excellent services is the online Suntrust banking facility. As the online banking trend is increasing, it is worthy to note which banks you are dealing with. Online banking with SunTrust is a good opportunity for people to carry out their business transactions and personal transactions together. The bank gives the client a user ID and creates their accounts on the web. It protects all the details of the customer’s account and his transactions. It provides facilities that allow customers to access and amend their accounts online. This is particularly easier for those who are deaf and cannot make any transactions from the phone. It is also easier to pay bills using online banking rather than writing a cheque and then getting it posted or delivered. Sun Trust online banking allows the customer to open savings accounts, ask for loans, update bank statements, make bill payments, transfer funds and much more. There are several steps that customers need to carry out before banking online. The customer must log on and type in the required username and password to access their accounts. The account will give you the information and services available together with links to personal details. The account details will provide the customer with lists of different things, these may include for e.g. bank order statement to change or create standing orders or direct debits, get account details, stop a cheque, transfer money between accounts, go to summary of the customers’ bank charges or get a new pin sent to them. PINs are provided by the SunTrust bank for the safety of the online customers. It is, so that whenever they make any financial transactions or withdraw money from accounts, they are not cyber bullied and their transactions remain secure.


Tips and comments

Physical disabilities are quite varied in terms of how they prevent people from accessing banking services. People in wheel chairs find it very difficult to go to the bank, as do the individuals with vision difficulty. Advantages of using online SunTrust banking facilities are that there is no need to spend money on transport. In addition, the customers can bank any time of the day as this service is available 24/7 online.There is less likelihood of robbery and no likelihood of violence. Thus online banking with SunTrust is the safest way.


By Amara, published at 01/05/2012
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