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Banks have become part of our day-to-day life. Banks not only allow us to save our money they also give us wealth security. Banks provide us with very good investment options. There are banks everywhere and they are being frequented by billions of people in every corner of the globe.

With time number of banking institutions have increased drastically and it is mainly due to increase in customers. Now-a-days there is mad rush of customers in every bank. People as well bank authorities are fed-up due to such unprecedented rush on week days. To counter such rush banks have gone online and have started online banking system.

When online banking was started there were very few customers and these were mainly upper class customers because they had access to internet. Now-a-days internet is accessed by everyone hence many people tend to use internet banking. Internet banking has allowed people to do transactions from their home or office itself.

Online banking customers have the flexibility of doing transaction at anytime from anywhere on the globe. Customers of online banking do not have to waste their time by standing in long queues for withdrawing or transferring their money and even for checking their account balance. It is very disgusting and tiring for bank customers to stand in long queues for their own money in case of branch banking.

With online banking customers can do everything that is done through branch banking. Online banking customers include all section of the society from a student to a businessman everyone uses online banking. A student studying in a college can get funds for college and hostel directly to his online bank account in no time from his parents.

A housewife can pay all the monthly bills with her online account. Similarly a working executive can get his salary through online account and he/she can also make payments for house rent and other bills. Online accounts are must for a businessman because it helps him to do transactions at anytime for his business activities.

Major chunk of online banking customers are businessmen because they have to transfer funds regularly at unearthly hours. Businessmen have to buy raw materials from various countries hence they make payment through their online account because it is fast as well as reliable.

Due to online banking banks are making huge profits as far as foreign currency transaction is concerned hence every bank knows that its online customers are very important hence banks indulge in healthy customer relationship management with their existing customers by providing them healthy returns on their savings plus time to time they educate them on how to protect their online account from hackers.

Tips and comments:

Customers of online banking should never reveal their online banking credentials to anyone to protect their account. Banks should always indulge in relationship management with their existing online banking customers so that they can retain them and also they will get good mouth publicity through them which could result in getting more online customers. Banks should time to time educate their online customers on how to protect their online bank account from hackers.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 07/14/2011
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Customers Of Online Banking. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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