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Using Your Banking Card Online

Published at 07/14/2011 13:18:52

 During the latest years, we witnessed a series of psyching attacks on the clients of banks. The hackers just need to clone the webpage of a bank, sending the users emails soliciting personal data. The client enters the link, sees the logo of the bank, and believes the message was sent by the bank.

This is why users are not so trustful when it comes to using the online banking card, as they are scared of frauds. Questions like: is it safe to buy online, or how can you feel safe online arise often. However, you must know the methods to make the transactions safe. Here are a few methods to stay away from the online frauds. They are simple to apply and they don’t require exceptional IT knowledge.

  1. Secure the computer

Before using your online banking card, you must be certain your computer doesn’t have spyware and keylogger programs installed on your computer. Those programs transmit the data you are using for the completed forms to the hackers that have no remorse about using them later.

The best method to buy online is to use your personal computer. Make sure you are using an up-to-date antivirus. If you don’t have a program of this kind and you don’t want to invest in this security feature, you could find different free reliable antivirus programs.

  1. Secure the browser

Once you have the computer cleaned by different forms if viruses and malware, the next level is to rise the security of the browser. You have many browsers at your disposal, but we will only talk about Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer. When you are using the online banking card, make sure the site has the symbol Secure embalmed. Moreover, you can look on the superior bar of the browser. The addresses under the form htpps://www… guarantee the security of the transaction. If you are using Firefox, it is better to install the NoScript application.

  1. Use the intuition and common sense

Once you are sure your computer has no viruses and the browser shows you a safe site, try to find the common sense information that a trusted vendor would show. A blog, a forum, complete contact information including email, telephone number, and physical address are mandatory for a reliable site.

Tips and comments:

 Don’t go for the offers that look surprisingly good. Behind a small price could be a big scam.

When it comes to using the online banking card, you should use all the protective measures. Those advices are the basic manual of safe online shopping, but you might find other methods to protect your banking account from scammers.


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