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Published at 07/14/2011 13:23:50

 Blood is a fuel of life. No act in the world can be as redeeming as trying to save a human life. Blood donation may sound a little scary and off-the-hook, but giving some of it to save another life would be an act of endless generosity. Human minds have a tendency to go selfish. For example, the first thought that would pop up in one’s mind when asked to donate blood would be a question as to what would he or she get in return? Short term benefits are obviously more attractive than the long term. But if everybody thinks along these lines, the doctors may have some trouble saving lives.

 In Pakistan, blood is required every two seconds. Numerous lives are being wasted due to a dearth of blood donators. It should not be assumed that this dearth is caused by a shortage of people wanting to donate blood. It is rather caused by the inability to bring together the donor and the needy within the relevant timeframe. It is to avoid this inconvenience in the way of saving lives that an online banking system has been created.  The mission of online blood banks is to work as a bridge between the needy and the volunteer donors, in order to save lives. Volunteers register themselves in online donors’ repositories, so that it is convenient for the need to find the most appropriate and convenient source of blood. Online donors’ repositories may be used in the hospitals to make blood transfusions convenient. is the most reliable Pakistani blood banking website. It represents GB-BB (Gilgit-Baltistan Blood Bank). It provides an online platform for blood banking all over Pakistan. The Lions Blood Bank is another significant online blood bank. The International Association of Lions Club is the world’s largest community minded service association available in 190 countries all over the world with 1,500,000 million members. It is a Lebanese website meant to establish social bonds under the motto: “Your blood…Their lives”. Any person willing to make donations upon request has to fill a registration form and submit it. They will automatically be registered online. Moreover, The Blood Bank on Facebook also provides a major helping hand in the promotion of this cause. Little did you know that your friend had the same blood type as your grandparents. Now you do.

Tips and comments:

 A recent scientific research states that every healthy individual has an excess of three bottles of blood in his or her body. This individual is capable of donating a bottle every three months. Not only is this an act of generosity, it is good for a healthy human body too. Blood donation in reasonable amounts makes the human body healthier and keeps the blood cholesterol level under control. Within three months, this blood is replaced by the creation of new blood cells by the body. Blood donation generally avoids obesity and other undesirable body conditions. With serious epidemics threatening us on a daily basis, online blood banks serve as informative sites in emergencies, especially when there is no help in sight.