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How To Open An Account In Royal Bank For Banking

Published at 01/31/2012 15:12:54


The Royal Bank of Scotland is considered as dynamic and a powerful financial group in a global banking industry. Royal bank banking offers numerous services in terms of private banking, corporate banking, personal banking and business banking. The banking services offered by the Royal bank banking are highly innovative and always consider customer’s ease and his/her accounts security. is the reason Royal bank possess impressive customer equity and higher ratings in international market of banking. Along with providing typical financial and banking services, the Royal bank services also include additional facilities for its customers like internet banking, Royal mobile banking, loans and facilities of mortgages and credits, insurance, savings, deposits, etc.


Because of the admirable reputation and customer friendly services, the Royal bank has always been one of the top most priority for the people who want to open an account in a bank to carry out their transactions. According to customers’ survey, it is identified that unlike other banks, the Royal bank banking ensures mush easier and less complicated procedure for opening an account with the help of their latest technologies and customer friendly staff. Royal bank has made account opening easier and comfortable for both general people and business clients. For general people, the account opening procedure is almost same as that of other banks. Proper filling and submission of application form along with the verification of certain documents are included in requirements. However, Royal Bank ensures mush help and support the process to be easily understandable by the person with the help of its friendly staff. They guide a person step by step so that he/she doesn’t find any difficulty in opening an account in Royal bank.


It is observed that the utilization rate of Royal bank banking services by the business and corporate is much higher than that of individual customers. The reason is the offering of efficient corporate banking by the Royal Bank. The procedure for opening an account for a corporate or a business client is somewhat different from opening a typical individual or general account and thus requires some more additional documentations and verifications.

The account opening step for a business account in Royal bank consists of three stages. During the first stage, bank offers innovative service of customization i.e. customers can customize the type and nature of the account as per their own existing and future requirements. The Royal bank banking also provides a specific online tool to guide the customer for this step. Next step asks the customer certain business related questions like type of business, representatives of corporation, signing authority issues etc. The last stage requires a business party to provide the documents, the check list of which has already been specified by the Royal Bank. It also differs from client to client due to the changing nature of businesses.

Tips and comments

For sole proprietor the documentation checklist will be different as compared to business partnership or association’s account. Hence the account opening in Royal bank is completed by fulfilling all of these steps.