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The New Banking Technologies

Published at 02/03/2012 02:30:50


Technology provides the opportunity and convenience for everyone in the meeting to get all they need. Many changes have come along with the development of increasingly advanced technology. Banking is one industry that has used advanced technology, which provides many facilities and changes in transactions. The existence of new banking technologies not only provided the convenience in transaction, but also was applied to the entire banking system. The new banking technologies not only applied in the local banking industry but have also applied to the banking sector worldwide. It could be said that banking technology has reached an advanced level compared to a few years back. Some of the new banking technologies recently applied in the banking system around the world such as the presence of functional ATM for cash withdrawals, non-cash, cash deposit, multifunctional.


The new banking technologies that are currently popular are the credit card, which provides convenience to consumers. By offering credit cards, which are evidence of technological advances in the banking system, it provides an opportunity for every person in choosing a particular bank to get a credit card. The new banking technologies applied to all banks is the credit card, providing ease in conducting transactions anywhere and anytime. Credit cards are the application of new banking technologies that facilitate every person in the transaction either locally or internationally. Along with its development, the technology used increasingly advanced banking sector such as the mobile banking and mobile payment that makes it easy for everyone, whether personal or business people, to make payments or transfers via mobile phones with certain specifications.


All banks need to know the achievements in every business operation, because the banking sector covers all areas such as financial, sales, planning, staffing, and operational. The new banking technologies help bank executives in obtaining accurate information and data to monitor business progress and determine targets based on existing information and data. For that, new banking technologies are needed and useful for business people. The internet is one of the technological advances that is intimately associated with the banking sector As it has been written that the banking sector using Internet technologies such as mobile banking and mobile payment, which use the internet access. The role of new banking technologies is to provide security guarantees to every customer in the transaction to prevent the theft of funds.

Tips and comments

In fact, although the banking technology has been using advanced technologies such as chip cards, many are able to do piercing breaker customer accounts which must be very detrimental. It required new banking solutions and systems that ensure the security of technology fund clients worldwide and can bear all the risks to customer transactions that are not recognized. Improved technology that more advanced, expected to applied in the banking system that allows customers to make transactions anywhere and anytime as long as 24 hours safely. In order to get information about the new banking technologies are usually required cooperation with various countries around the world so that the system technology could apply in the banking system that guarantees security for all customer.