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How To Open Account For Banking In Suntrust


SunTrust Bank is an American bank that offers different solutions to its customers. In addition to conventional banking, it also supports online banking and allows users to conveniently set up their accounts online. Banking SunTrust offers a variety of accounts, including checking accounts, savings accounts and money market accounts to cater to its diverse customer needs.


  • Navigate to the banking SunTrust website and click the "Sign up Now" link given in the left pane.
  •  Click the "Open an account online" link on the next page. You will be redirected to the "Open an Account" page.
  • Select the type of account of banking SunTrust you want to open from the options given in the table. You can choose from different types of checking, savings and money market accounts.
  • Click the "APPLY NOW" button next to an account type to sign up for that account. To get more info about a particular banking SunTrust account, click on "Learn more."
  •  Fill in the form by providing the required information. You must provide the banking SunTrust with the following details: personal information -- such as your address and Social Security number -- photo identification, such as a driver's license -- existing bank account numbers, if you wish to deposit funds to your new banking SunTrust bank account from an existing bank account -- former address, if you have moved to your current residence within the last two years -- and information about your co-applicant if you are setting up a joint account.


  • Select a banking SunTrust Online user ID and password to finish setting up your account.

Banking SunTrust offers customers a number of different account options to manage their money. Some of these account types include personal, education, retirement, mortgage and investments. Customers like to be able to access and monitor their accounts whenever they choose, and banking SunTrust makes this simple through its online banking service.



  •  Navigate to the SunTrust website.
  • . Click on "Online Banking."
  •  Enter your user ID.
  • . Enter your password.
  • . Click "Sign On." You are taken to your SunTrust account.

SunTrust Bank switched its debit card partnership from Visa to MasterCard in early 2009. After the switch, SunTrust issued new check cards to all existing customers. The SunTrust MasterCard Check Card is linked to an account holder's checking account and may be used with any merchant accepting MasterCard. SunTrust debit card holders may make purchases using a PIN number or by signature. To activate a SunTrust debit card, follow these steps.



  •  Retrieve your new SunTrust debit card. Read your name to ensure it is spelled correctly. Look at the effective date to determine when to activate it. Generally, this is the month in which you opened the account. The card can be activated at any time during that month.
  •  Turn the card over and find the customer service number. Phone 877-377-9210 to activate your card. You will have to provide your full name, address, and birthday and last four digits of your Social Security number.
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