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How To Find A Banking Job In Scotland

Published at 07/14/2011 12:44:13

Are you looking for banking job in Scotland? If yes then keep reading this article because in next few minutes as you finish reading this article you will have all the knowledge on how to hunt a banking job in Scotland. This article is not only going to be useful for an experienced banking professional in getting a banking job in Scotland but it will also help a fresh graduate just out of college to get a bank job in Scotland in a trainee position with fast growth opportunity.

For banking Scotland is the most technologically advanced country. It has most number of hi-tech banks in Europe which offer all kinds of services including online banking option. In Scotland there are several job openings in various banks. There are hardcore accountancy jobs for which only chartered accountants are considered then there are management jobs at all levels. Top level management jobs are filled internally in most banks over here.

There are jobs in cash management and taxation management. Auditing is one area where professionals with international certifications are preferred. Now the question is where to find these jobs. With my experience in human resource domain I have seen that jobseekers in banking domain look for job advertisement in newspapers but they don’t find it and they lose hope. Before internet revolution banks used to advertise in newspapers for vacant positions but now they don’t do that too often.

In case of banking Scotland is the preferred choice of many bankers for applying for a job because it has the finest banking infrastructure and there are many multi-national banks in Scotland. In banking sector banks in Scotland pay the best remuneration to its employees and such pay package is second to none in Europe.

Most banks in Scotland have tie-ups with human resource consultants who do head hunting for their clients for all positions and they get them the best talent from the banking industry hence if you are someone who is looking for a banking job in Scotland then your first target would be to approach human resource consultants. Either personally or via email you can pass your Resume/CV with a cover letter to the concerned human resource consultant. Believe me majority of the jobs in banking are filled through these consultants.

These days banks in Scotland put all their vacancies on the internet on various job portals hence if you are looking for a bank job in Scotland you should continuously keep checking all job portals so that you can apply for job of your choice. I personally would prefer to check the website of each and every bank in Scotland and directly apply to them. This would not only benefit someone with job experience but it will also tremendously help a fresher to get a trainee job in a bank in Scotland. 

Tips and comments:

Approach human resource consultants and let them know which job you need because they will help you to get a bank job in Scotland. Continuously look and apply for bank jobs through job portals. Always check the website of various banks for jobs and apply directly through their website.