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Banking Jobs In Singapore

Published at 07/14/2011 15:10:19

These days jobs are very hard to get. Throughout the globe many people have got the pink slip and they have lost their jobs because recession has taken a toll on many job sectors also fresh graduates have to sit at home because companies only prefer experienced candidates who are ready to work for peanuts.

All job sectors were badly affected in each and every country on this globe due to recession and still the economy of many countries is down but in Singapore banking jobs never dried and never has any bank employee ever gotten a boot due to recession. In fact there are lots of vacancies in various banks all across Singapore.

If we look at banking Singapore has the best infrastructure and there are many private as well as government banking institutions. One can find many multi-national banks operating from Singapore. In short one can say that Singapore is a hub of banking institutions.

Banking jobs are very lucrative in Singapore that is why most jobseekers not just from Singapore but also from abroad try to get a job in this beautiful and peaceful country. Banks in Singapore are all in core banking hence every bank in this country uses advanced banking technology.

Due to advanced technology used by the banks there are many jobs available for software professionals as well as for those with hardware and networking knowledge. Banks prefer to hire IT professionals with engineering degrees because all the banks in Singapore are managed professionally and they only hire top notch IT professionals who have professional qualification as well as requisite experience.

There are other hardcore banking jobs in taxation, auditing, cash management and accountancy which are also filled after stiff selection procedure. Only those professionals who have necessary experience and professional certification are selected for these jobs. Banks prefer to hire chartered accountants for different designations.

Fresh MBA’s are preferred for sales and marketing role in banking Singapore banks also provide internship opportunity to MBA students who are then hired in full-time jobs after completion of their course. Those MBA with experience in banking are preferred for strategic planning roles. Chartered accountants and MBA’s are paid very high monthly salary which is unmatched by any banks on this globe.

There are other trainee positions like tele-calling jobs such jobs are offered to freshers. Banks in Singapore also have many clerical job openings for which examinations are conducted locally by every bank for filling these positions.   

There are top management jobs which are filled through human resource consultants who do head hunting for every bank. Many human resource consultants help various banks all across Singapore to fill various vacancies. Time to time all banks in Singapore post their vacancies on the internet through various job portals.  

With so many jobs in banking Singapore has always been the preferred choice of bankers for jobs because every bank in Singapore pays the best remuneration one can get anywhere in the world.

Tips and comments:

Singapore has many world class banks and there are several jobs in every bank. Banks in Singapore pay very high annual take-away salary and other benefits to their employees which is unmatched. Banks in Singapore are the most preferred work destination for all bankers from around the globe.