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How To Find Jobs In Investment Banking

Published at 07/15/2011 01:27:03

Finding a job these days is very tough. The impact of recession is still there in many countries and these countries are having great difficulty in improving their economy. In such countries there are many people who are jobless and these countries are finding it very difficult to create jobs for their citizens.

There is one sector which always has lots of vacancies and it is investment banking. Though worldwide there are very less job opportunities in various sectors but in banking investment jobs are available throughout the year mainly because it is a specialized domain and it requires highly talented individuals who have exceptional talent and are out of the box thinkers.

The mantra for finding investment jobs is pretty simple. You need to pass an international certification in investment banking then you will be immediately grabbed by top most investment banking institutions.

These days most investment banking institutions hire fresh candidates from the campus itself. When companies hire from campus they recruit MBA graduates with specialization in Investment Management, Banking and Finance but they prefer to hire only those with investment management specialization hence you need to study MBA in those institutions where investment bankers come for campus hiring.

If you have all the educational qualification and you want to get in to banking investment jobs then approach various human resource consultants because many such banks hire candidates through them. There are many candidates who ignore human resource consultants but they forget that over 70% jobs are filled through such consultants in all sectors.

Always remember to pass your CV with cover letter to many human resource consultants because you never know who has the best job offer for you. If you can’t personally go to their office send your details through email also remember to send your profile to all overseas consultants because worldwide there is huge demand for investment banking professionals at all levels.

Remember I am not talking just about fresh graduates but also about experienced professionals in investment banking domain who are looking for a change in job. Another best way to find a job in investment banking is to approach each and every investment bank in your city or country and check if they are interested in hiring you. You can even travel abroad on a visit visa to search jobs and there you can personally visit various investment banks and check if anyone is interested in recruiting you.

Always keep complete database of all investment banks so that you can visit them personally. Fresh graduates should not ask high salary because once you get a job then with experience your demand will automatically increase and after that most investment banks will try to offer you a job which will be very lucrative. As far as experienced professionals are concerned they can post their CV on various job portals and believe me in no time they will get several job offers from top companies. Freshers should also post their CV on various job portals and they should continuously keep applying for trainee position.

Tips and comments:

To get into investment banking jobs you need to have professional qualification in investment banking. Final year MBA students can get into an investment banking job during campus recruitment. Approach various investment banks personally to showcase your profile. Apply through various job portals and also approach various recruitment consultants.