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Telephone Banking Security Issues

Published at 07/15/2011 10:37:19

Security is an everyday part of life. A lack of security worries most people, because it leaves you open to attack from people who depend on an unsecured environment to make their own living. Yes, we are referring to criminals that thrive on the normal, average person on the street. The lack of security in our daily lives, put the bread on their tables.

Security has gone crazy

 With many different security issues following us everywhere, such as telephone banking security issues and issues surrounding our personal safety, some people have gone a little crazy in recent times, trying to make sure they are as secure as they can be, but how secure are we really? If you look little closer at online banking, using the Internet, or banking through your telephone, there are certain security precautions in place, but the sufficiency of these security measures are truly questionable. Security questions such as, “Where were you born?”, or “What is your maiden name?”, cannot be the most secure questions to use when attempting to protect something as important as your banking details and personal information. Personal information as mentioned above, cannot be hard to find, especially with all the social networks many people join nowadays.

Frustrations with security

Telephone banking security issues also include those times when you accidentally, or just because you forgot the answer, give the incorrect security answers when attempting to gain access to your online, or telephone banking facility. Having your online banking services blocked, because of this error, can be very frustrating and you will have to go into your local branch to sort this issue out. You will have to prove that you are the holder of this account, otherwise your account will remain blocked.

How to increase your current security

Many people still have no real confidence in the current security precautions in place, but there are certain personal steps you can follow to secure your banking and other online activities. First, you need to make sure you do not share your personal information, such as credit card details or your personal contact details, on an unsecured website. This puts you at risk. If you do not know an online vendor, for instance, make sure about the specific vendor by reading up on them to ensure that they can be trusted.


For now, if you do not trust any kind of information-sharing on the Internet, it might be best for you to stick with the personal contact at your local bank. Online and telephone banking offer a lot of convenience, but if you do not feel comfortable in using these services, do what does make you feel comfortable.

Tips and comments:

 Stay safe

In order to stay safe make sure you do not share your personal and account information with third parties. Your password must always be kept safe and do not keep it in your phone or a shared computer. Avoid doing telephone banking in public places as you do not know who might be listening or watching.