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Job Opportunities In The Banking Sector

Published at 07/15/2011 14:42:14

There are a lot of job opportunities in the banking sector although there is stiff competition. You need to have certain qualifications and possess certain experience for you to secure a job in the banking sector. The job titles range from administration and clerical positions to managerieal depending with your area of speciality.

Starting point

The banking sector has become more diverse than ever and you can find opportunities from branch level to head office. Most people will start at branch level as tellers and then rise from there. Tellers are not generally paid much although they are always busy at the front office. For you to qualify as a teller you need to have studied a course in customer and marketing management or any bank related course. If your specialty is marketing you can start working in the marketing department and rise from there.

Other departments

There are other departments where you can also work in a bank. You could choose to work in credit and risk department but you need to have qualifications in credit or risk management. Insurance qualifications can also be accepted in that department. Another department is the treasury and international finance department. This will involve dealing with other international banks and stakeholders. What is important is having the qualifications and experience and it is also important to note that some of these jobs pay very decent salaries.

Retail banking

You also have a choice of working in retail banking and this basically involves working individual and small business customers. The job description will involve the transfer of money between accounts, processing loans, providing financial advice, insurance and mortgage advice, marketing bank products and stock broking. As an employee in retail banking you need to have diverse skills or you can just specialize in your specific job.

Customer service department

This is one of the most crucial departments you can find in a bank. If you want to work in such a department you need to be someone who loves working with the public. This can be in a call centre or the front help desk. You telephone and communication skills must be exceptionally good because you will be dealing with the public. You must be able to handle pressure and be a self motivated person because this job can really be stressful. You must have studied subjects like marketing, communication and public relations for you to get a job in this department.

General qualities

People who work in the bank must possess the following qualities,

-leadership skills

-excellent inter-personal skills

-self motivated

-integrity and respectful

-good academic record

Tips and comments:

Tips on how to get a job in a bank

You need to be a committed individual as well because sometimes you are required to work long hours. You need to have a very good CV and good experience for you to get a job in the banking sector because there is stiff competition in the banking job market. Many people love working in a bank. In order to stand a better you need to prepare yourself and plan ahead before you start the application process.