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Online Security With Internet Banking

Published at 07/15/2011 14:44:46

Although internet banking is convenient figures and statistics show that is is not very safe. Hackers and online thieves can get your information from your computer and access your banking account. Many personal computers using Windows are at a greater risk because if a hacker manages to breach your computer security they will be able to access your account and perform any transaction. The bank on the other hand will not be able to know the difference and it can also be very difficult for you to win your case.

Important tips

Using a PC running on a big network like the one from your workplace is sometimes safer than using your home computer. You however need to be careful still because your IT manager can have access to your banking account information and use it otherwise.


Make sure you use a strong password and never keep your password in a computer or telephone. Avoid using obvious passwords like your second names or spouse and kids names. You would rather create a strong password and make sure you remember it anytime you need it.

Using a home computer

If you are doing your internet banking from home there are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration in order to protect yourself from online hackers. You need to run an anti virus software on the computer. You also need a firewall to avoid this risk. Using the latest operating system on your computer is also highly recommended. Avoid doing your online banking on Windows 95 for example because it is unsecure. On the other Macs are also secure although they have recently come under attack.

Knowledge of computers

In order to stay secure, it is recommended that you have at least some computer knowledge. You must know everything about your operating system and make sure that you have a strong anti virus software installed on your computer. You would rather prevent yourself first than deal with the consequences of internet banking fraud.

Logging off from your computer

Make sure you log off from your account after every banking session on your computer. This is vey important because even the people you trust can use your account to your disadvantage. Do not share passwords with friends and family no matter how much you trust them. You would keep it to yourself and not lose anything at the end of the day.

Avoid using public computers

In order to stay safe try by all means possible not to use public or shared computers because their exposure to hackers is higher. Sometimes such computers may not have enough security features in place and this can increase your chances of being hacked.

Tips and comments:

Stay safe

What is important at the end of the day is keeping your hard earned cash safe. You have worked hard to get it so you do not want to lose it in any way. There are security measures that you can implement on your own in order to avoid internet banking fraud. Whenever you do online banking you must know there is always somebody out there planning to get hold of your account.


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