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Published at 07/15/2011 16:53:18

It is always very difficult to choose a career. There are many people who are always in doubt over selection of career. Many people do graduation in something and work in a different field but it could be because they never got an opportunity to work in their own field of education or may be they never wanted to get into the field in which they did their graduation. Throughout the globe you will find many such individuals.

Career is very important part of our life because sooner we know what is good for us the better it is just because we can settle down quickly in life. There are many career options available for us like engineering, medical, science, commerce and arts. There are number of jobs in all these field of study but professional courses like engineering and medical are specialized branches hence people who study in these streams tend to work in the same field but as I said not all go for their field of study while choosing a career.

Banking and accounting is the most preferred choice for making a career and there are millions of individuals working in these two domains. Majority of commerce graduates like to work in banking sector or they like to work as an accountant with a chartered accountancy firm. In banking accounting jobs are also available hence for those who have knowledge of banking and accounting can easily get a job provided they pass the entrance exam of the bank.

Getting a bank job is not very easy because they have their own recruitment policies hence when you apply for any job in a bank you will have to pass their internal exam as well as you need to excel in personal, technical and HR interviews. Career in banking and accounting is very lucrative and has faster growth potential.

To make a career in accounting one should have professional chartered accountancy qualification or some other international certifications in accountancy which are accepted by banking institutions and companies for the role of an accountant. Not just in banking accountants are required in each and every company hence there is always requirement of good accountants. Not all companies can afford to hire a chartered accountant because they have to be paid more hence a commerce graduate having substantial knowledge and experience of accountancy can even get a job of an accountant.

To get into banking accounting you can take training in private institutes who provide practical training in banking and accountancy. These private institutes train you on various practical banking concepts so that you can directly use and implement them on job. In case of accountancy these institutes teach you how to solve practical accounts. Most of these private institutions provide job guarantee because they have strategic understanding with various banks for recruitment. 

Tips and comments:

Smart people choose career in banking and accounting because both these career options provide great job satisfaction. Generally both banking and accounting jobs provide maximum job security and both are lucrative in terms of salary package. In both banking and accounting career growth is fast.


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