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Guide To Find Best Jobs Of Investment Banking

Published at 07/15/2011 18:10:18

Guide To Find Best Jobs Of Investment Banking

Investment banking careers tend to be highly engaging, but also very rewarding, and if you are thinking of pursuing a career in investment bank, there are number of factors you should first consider.  First of all, what exactly is an investment bank? An investment bank is a financial institution that is involved in the raising of capital by underwriting, for corporation, individuals, and governments, and/or acting on the behalf of the client, as their agent in the issuance of securities. Their main difference with traditional banks is that they do not accept deposits.

The core investment banking activities within an investment management firm can be divided into two: investment banking, trading, research and sales. If want a career in investment banking, here is a check list that will point you in the right direction:

· Get the necessary credentials: In order to qualify for an investment management job, you will need to attain a finance-related bachelor’s degree, from an accredited college or university.

· Work on your communication skills: good communication skills are a prerequisite for investment bankers, since will often have to schedule meeting, presentations, etc.

· Keep up to date with the current issue in the investment banking field: This will help you to make a good impression, when presented with an interview opportunity.

· Work on your resume: Your resume should highlight your background in finance.

· Look for lower entry positions: This can be extremely useful, especially when you lack experience in investment banking.

A career in investment banking can be engaging, and rewarding experience. With the necessary amount of planning and effort, you should be able to find the right position for you.

Tips and comments:

If you are still in college, try and get as much hands-on experience as possible, by working for brokerage firms during summer holidays. You should find away to manage stress, since this career path can be demanding on time, and effort.