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American Banks And Internet Banking

Published at 07/15/2011 21:22:34

American Banks and Internet Banking Online banking is an indispensable part of banking now. American banks are among the forerunners of online banking. In the US, online banking goes hand in hand with traditional banking practices. Take the instance of HSBC. It offers online banking facilities to let the consumers pay their bills to virtually everybody in the United States. Thanks to their online Bill Pay system that comes totally free. And guess what! You get an online and on-time guarantee on that too! The guarantee of Bill Pay 'on time' suggests that HSBC will be bound to bear all the responsibilities for late-payment-related charges, if the online bill payment ends up arriving after the due date. You get this compensation when you’ve scheduled that transaction in line with the terms and conditions of HSBC Personal Internet Banking.

Consumers can transfer their funds between their HSBC accounts. If you have accounts at different banks or credit unions, you can use the Bank to Bank Transfers system of HSBC. You get to see online the images of the checks you post. Online viewing of checking / savings statements have been made easy through eStatements. By adding their free EasyView feature your can merge your HSBC as well as non-HSBC accounts on a single page. In HSBC, Personal Internet Banking has $0 Liability backing and Online Guarantee on unauthorized use.Merrill Lynch lets you to get started with a highly professional Financial Advisor. You can get financial management, smart pieces of advice and useful guidance on the basis of your set goals and risk preferences as well as time horizon. The online banking facilities of Merrill Lynch include electronic delivery, which lets the consumers to attain information through electronic delivery. It’s quick, convenient and highly secure. You can enjoy easy accessibility to your account info. Collaborating online with the Financial Advisor is easy and you can view your day to day account balance online. Same goes for other types of holdings and activities and monthly statement or year-end tax reports / statements. You can place trades online for almost all the enlisted OTC or over-the-counter equities online. Same goes for many of the mutual funds in the US. Experience the ease of internet based option order entries as you work in cycle with the Financial Advisor for achieving different types of investment goals. You enjoy the online facilities of paying for paying bills and transferring funds. For this you can use the Web Bill Pay system, and you can also transfer money easily between the accounts. Getting research outcomes, news (from Dow Jones) and concurrent quotes is also easy online. which includes award-winning research on any company we follow, real-time news from Dow Jones and unlimited real-time quotes.
Managing your finances is easy with U.S. Bank. You can monitor, manage as well as move funds anywhere and anytime – on your own schedule. You get 24/7 accessibility for free with full-fledged security and lots of flexible choices. Perks include Internet Bill Pay, which you can use to pay bills timely and every time – with guarantee. This bank offers Mobile Banking as well, as you can just download their Mobile Wallet application. You could just choose to bank at their to enjoy the liberty and ease of managing your accounts with U.S. Bank wherever you go, be it day or night.

Tips and comments:

When you shop among online bank accounts, look at a number of key features to compare and find the right one for you. The most important features that you compare are things like - APY, ease of accessibility to your money, number of online linked accounts (it is about setting up a network of online accounts to zap your funds back and forth among your online bank accounts), extra products/services (e.g. see whether they let you to purchase CDs or get mortgages online), leverage of the current banking support/relationships (i.e. see if they give you anything extra online banking), customer support service options, auto savings plans, and most importantly - security (see if your bank is FDIC insured).


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