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Strategies Of Banking Technology

Published at 01/27/2012 13:40:18


Technology banking plays an important role in the banking industry. It is through which different banks operate and interact with clients. It is what the clients use in order to know their bank account status and to make transactions. The bank technologies make it happen for the banks. Without these different technologies, it would be deemed impossible for any bank to continue with its processes and grow as a firm.


Even up to the early civilizations, banks have been around to provide help to the citizens. It provided loans to the farmers and later evolved as an institution that allowed people to deposit money and to change money. Banks are integral parts of a country’s economy. Healthy banking institutions and finances would mean a healthy economy.

As years pass and technology evolved, so did the technology banking employ, but its use and purpose are still the same. The current technology is already so advanced that it has changed almost everything that people do. Likewise, it has also changed banking throughout the world.

Thirty to twenty years ago, banking was using more of physical and paper technology. This meant that everything was to be done manually and personally. When making deposits, the client has to go to the bank personally and bring the money. The teller will have to take note of the deposit and input it in their books. This method made use of passbooks and lots of books and documents. The transactions of every client have to be noted manually.


After a few years, machines and equipment were already used to make transactions faster. These were the Automated Teller Machines or ATMs and computer systems. Instead of using papers to store information, with the help of computer technology banking replaced them. Transactions were already placed in the system for easy storage and access.

But in the recent years, as technology improved, banking has also joined in. Phone banking and home technology banking initially made a start in creating banking client friendly. Making transactions were already easier as clients no longer have to go to the bank themselves.

The electronic banking and the mobile banking are the latest advancements in banking. Since internet has already made changes in the lifestyle of the modern man, it also created advancements in banking. More channels can now be used by clients in order to be able to check their bank accounts. They can now use their personal computers or PCs, mobile phones and any other similar gadget to be able to get hold of their bank accounts. The banks have created systems in order to do this, which is even more convenient for the clients.

One of the companies that create banking technologies for different banks is the International Business Machines or IBM. The IBM creates the technology banking used in storing financial and bank account files of the clients. It also provides the software that banks need along with the storage infrastructure.

Tips and comments

These are just some of the many necessities of banking institutions. Banking technology will always move forward as technology itself improves, and this will make banking easier, faster and more convenient.