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What Is Offshore Banking

Published at 07/16/2011 09:24:01

Offshore banks are institutions that are not found in the same country the depositor resides in. They usually provide little or no taxation, easy online access, bank secrecy and greater security measures. Banking offshore has many advantages.

 Bank accounts can be opened as a personal account or as a corporate account. Most individuals who engage in offshore banking are lured in by the confidentially factor. That reason contributed to why this type of banking has suffered a bad reputation in the past. It has been linked to organized crime and terrorist factions. These days, offshore banking is a more transparent institution. For legal reasons, accounts can be subjected to personal income tax on interest. Individuals under the laws of the United States have to declare all offshore bank accounts under the threat of perjury. Although banks may not be required to report these bank deposits, not declaring your accounts on the mainland is still considered illegal.

The term was coined in reference to the Channel Islands being 'offshore' to the United Kingdom. Although Switzerland is landlocked, depositors from other parts of the world still term the process as 'offshore' banking. It has had trouble with regulation. Various attempts have been scoffed at by those who valiantly defend offshore banks. These staunch supporters believe that the need for transparency was sparked by the greed of taxation systems.

 Banking offshore is a great way to ensure access to your funds in times of turmoil related to political or financial reasons. Depositors may also avail of lower bases that offer higher interest rates which are not tax-deductable in most places.

The institutions may offer loans with a longer time frame and a cheaper interest rate. Supporting offshore banking can also aid these remote nations by helping them compete financially with larger and well developed countries.

Tips and comments:

 This banking method is an attractive way to boost personal income. They protect your assets and increase your income while they keep you shrouded in as much confidentially as one might wish. With the rise of online banking, these institutions are just one click away.

Before starting up your own offshore account, research to pick a bank that operates with standards you feel comfortable investing in. This decision may just be the boost your income needs.