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Investment Banking In Australia

Published at 01/31/2012 15:41:04


It had been a question if the investment in banking Australia is really as good as it is often described by its citizens. It is quite true nonetheless. The banks in Australia had proven themselves to have thrived through the consecutive years by presenting the whole world with a very high gross domestic product per capita or GDP and low poverty line, lower than that of Europe. Australia’s economy had been listed as the ninth highest GDP in the world.


There are many investment banks in the country in the form of building societies and credit unions. There are also financial institutions that provide for mortgage lending or property investments, as well as to further the progress of communities as banks and financial institutions are those who have the ability to address the financial needs of the community they are handling.

Banking Australia generates are regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. The APRA are the ones who provide licensure and supervise the banks and financial institutions that offer financial services in the form of, but not limited to, insurances, property investment or mortgage, credit and commercial banking. To protect consumer rights and to maintain the standards of the products and services from banks, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission had been formed. This group makes sure to oversee all transactions coming from all types of banks and financial corporations.


The types of investment for banking Australia have certain standards to follow. And for a new applicant for a credit card in the country, virtually every credit card company provides a set fifty-five days interest free allowance if some amount has just recently been taken out from the credit card. These also reward the customer upon paying before the due date. Card limits can go depending upon the customer’s financial record.

Now in applying for a home or property loan, banks in Australia offer fixed rate loans. This means the property loans could stay as is for a period of time. This also applies to the standard rate loans by which the clients can provide more than the repayments they are supposed to make per term, and then take some money back if they are in dire need. Home equity loans are also available in most Australian banks. Interest rates of banks for property loans have an average of 8.5 percent.

Life, education and pension plans are also available from the banks of Australia. Plans such as superannuation which provides a huge lump-sum provided upon retirement in a one time pay are good alternatives for pension plans which pay monthly.

As with every country, each investor is free to invest money within the country’s stock market. As the economy of the country, including the aspects of banking Australia boasts, proves strong, it would mean great benefits to invest in the stocks of corporations in the country.

Tips and comments

With a high GDP, excellent financial services by banks, and financial institutions, as well as a low poverty line, there is no doubt that there is little risk in the quality of investment banking Australia offers. This in itself can provide confidence to investors and clients of the country.