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How To Pay Bills Through Internet Banking Online

Published at 07/17/2011 23:07:58

 Online banking internet is very helpful to those people using online business; it can make paying bills a quick and easy. For only a minute, you can pay each bill individually. You can pay directly and more accurate. Although you need to pay some small charges for paying online but it is much cost if you go to your client personally. Some banks charge 1%-5% of the amount paid and some also gives  promotion code so that the costumers get discount on their charge for paying using online banking. And some internet banking companies allow you to do online bill paying for free. They need only a qualified account of their costumers, but there is also rules for those vary. For example, you are a gold member of the said online banking internet companies.

 For signing up in automatic bill pay through internet is very easy. Here are some basic steps on paying bills online.  First, you need to find an online banking companies. Once you are in the site, find your bank name and click it. You need to be keen observer. You read the agreement in using the online banking internet company and click “I Agree”  button if you agree with the terms and conditions, and then click “payment”. You fill out some required fields such us: Biller/institution, Account/Subscriber number, Bank Name, ATM Card Number, Member Number, Account Type(savings or checks) and lastly, The Amount to be Paid. Using  your mouse, enter your ATM PIN on the onscreen keypad and then click the Submit Button. After that, sll the details of your transaction will appear on the next page.  You need to check very carefully to avoid wrong information. Once you verified all the transactions are correct, click “OK”. Moreover, there is important note i have to give: You can print the screen that shows your transaction details completed as your transaction receipt and then click “close”.

 Some other online banking internet companies many benefits to their customers. They can view their account balances, transactions and track their purchases made in order that they can manage their money for paying all their bills. They can transfer funds between HSBC accounts and those who hold at other banks and credit unions; they can use bank-to-bank transfer. You can view also the copies of your posted check images so that you can follow your paying management. In addition, you can view your checking and savings statements online so that you can audit your transaction. There are some online banking internet cannot do immediate bill payment, you need to wait several times to the payee to received payment. Therefore, you need to set up your bill payment in order to save time for the payee to received payments.

Tips and comments:

 Using Online banking internet for paying bills is very easy once you set it up correctly and manage your account accordingly to your work. It will help you manage your time frame and pay your bills on time and accurately.