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Types Of Jobs In The Banking Business Sector

Published at 07/19/2011 12:14:14
The banking sector is one of the fastest growing industries. The banks are growing in terms of products and services to their clients. This growth has led to the banks seeking to recruit new staff to cope with the demand for their banking services. With online banking becoming increasingly popular banks are recruiting both professional bankers as well as information technology experts to meet the growing demand for their services. Due to this growth there has been a need to recruit more people to cope with the high demand of the services. Banking jobs can be classified into categories and each category requires certain skill and qualification.

Specialist jobs

There are certain jobs in the banking sector that require special skills. A good example is that of a Financial Analyst. Financial analysts basically perform the investment role, they make sure that public or clients’ funds are safely invested. Such people are usually required to hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in investments, accounting or banking. They can also become managers with experience. Some financial specialists choose to go independent once the get necessary experience.

Marketing jobs

You also find marketing jobs in a bank. Marketers are there to promote and advertise the bank’s products and services. This is where you also find business development managers; these people must be innovative because they are the ones who are supposed to come up with new products in order for the bank to stay competitive. They will need to liaise with departments like the IT to come up with competitive ideas.  

Information and Technology

Many banks have gone online in the last few years. Technological developments continue to take the centre stage in the banking sector. The people who are behind all this are the IT personnel. They must be well qualified and must have done a qualification in IT management. They also work closely with web designers to remain competitive. Again they are required to be innovative and their job can be risky as well. They are expected to come up with a secure online banking system which can be quite a challenge.

Entry level opportunities

You will find that banks prefer to train their own staff because different banks use different systems. They usually take trainee graduates and the training program can sometimes take up to two years. These trainee graduates will go through an intensive training program and after that they can become specialists or work for some time and later get promoted to senior level positions.

Tips and comments:

There is a lot of administration going on in behind the scenes. Banks employ a lot of administration staff and this will also include people working in their customer support departments. They receive calls from thousands of customers on a daily basis depending with the type of bank in question. There are also bank tellers and these are usually on the front desk serving customers with things like withdrawals and bank queries. You will find that some banking jobs will pay more than others. The salary that you get at the end of the month is most determined by the department you are in and your qualification as well as the experience that you have.