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Stem Cell Banking - A Life Saving Option

Published at 12/30/2011 16:03:21


 A lot of people are oblivious to the benefits of stem cell banking. However, it is anticipated that stem cell research shall hold the key to cure a wide range of diseases in the future. “Stem cells” refers to the cells that are found in all types of multicellular organisms.  Most of the people opt for saving their child’s stem cells in special banks. Stem Cell banking is gaining increasing popularity amongst the masses as well. One crucial factor of stem cells are that their quality tends to deteriorate as people age, as a result of which stem cell banking allows them to store the cells specifically for the purpose of any future needs that may arise.


 Discovery of the stem cells dates back to the 1800s; however a major milestone was achieved when the stem cells were used to treat two siblings suffering from a severe form of immunodeficiency. Again, in the year 1978 stem cells in the human umbilical cord was found for the first time. Although there are other important milestones; such as the creation of a lamb using the stem cells, the history and studies of stem cells has also been marred with false findings. In 2004, a researcher named Hwang Woo-Suk claimed to have created the first stem cells lines of humans using some unfertilised human eggs; however all these claims turned out to be completely fabricated.       



 Fortunately, things have turned for the better in the research of stem cell banking. Nowadays, people can easily store their stem cells safely in the stem cell banks. Most of the people opt for saving their new born baby’s cord blood in the bank as it contains the highest and better quality of stem cells. Stem cells have two striking features; they can self-generate as well as differentiate into other types of cells. In the case of new born babies, their umbilical cord blood is stored in the stem cell banks. These cells can be used in the future to treat any disease which the baby or their relatives might have. This is considered to be a major breakthrough as patients can now rely on their own cells for treatment. The stem cell banking also means that the patient’s own blood can be used to transplant organs, if required. It is anticipated that the stem cell can be used to make organs which can later be transplanted into the human beings. Since, the organs are made from the patient’s own cells; it significantly reduces chances of rejection in the patient’s body.


Tips and comments

 Stem cell banking is certainly the next big thing. To make sure that your baby and your entire family has a safer tomorrow; you can save the valuable cord blood in the stem cell banks. It may help your baby in the treatment of life threatening diseases. If required the cord blood can also be used to treat other members of the family. There are different plans of stem cell banking which may cost you between $1200 and $3000 for the private cord banking plan. Choose a plan that best suits your needs.