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Online Banking Solutions In Bank Of America

Published at 12/30/2011 15:52:21


The Bank America online banking system is protected by several firewalls and other encryption methods, ensuring maximum safety of the transactions. Bank America is a company that is concerned about the safety of data, having different solutions implemented to ensure the safe transfer of information.

Personal data is an important aspect when it comes to internet transfers. Besides the safety measurements imposed by the Bank America online banking, the client also has his own responsibilities when it comes to data protection.


Each time a client uses the Internet Banking system, the bank will use safety measurements to protect the client from unauthorized transactions.

Information encrypting methods will prevent unauthorized persons to read or to change the respective data. This process is imitated by codifying the information transmitted between your computer and the Internet Banking server. Bank America codifies the information using encryption methods with an SSL enhancement. You can identify if you have connected to the Internet Banking system safely by reading the guides put at your disposal on the main site.


As soon as you access the Bank America online banking system, you will observe that the address of the page begins with https://. This means that the connection is secured, and the browser also detects those safe pages, displaying an icon like a locker.

The digital certificates are attached to the electronic messages for security matters. The certifications are mostly used to verify the identity of the persons sending the respective messages, and to offer the destination part the possibility to decode the answer. A person that wants to send a codified message has to ask for a certificate from the Certification Authority. This institution issues an encrypted certificate that contains the public key for the respective person, and other information needed for logging in. using this data, the client is able to send an encrypted answer.

The certificates are issued to ensure the security of the Bank America online banking connection between a computer from your office or from home with the server of the bank. This is why, if you intend to use the internet banking service on several computers, you will need to request a certificate for each computer and for each user of the respective computer.

An additional security element that must be set once the certificate is issued is the PIN code. This code has to be formed of six digits of your choice.

Bank America filters all the connections using a firewall mechanism that allows blocking all the unauthorized attempts to enter the system. This ensures the right to connect and to access the system only for the people and entities that are authorized.

Tips and comments

After each approved session, the Internet Banking application will automatically shut down if it is not used for 10 minutes. Any other transaction you might need later will request you to sign in. in order to prevent any unauthorized attempt, you should not disclose your data to any third party. Remember that Bank America will never ask personal information by mail or by any other method. 


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