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How Capital One Banking Works

Published at 01/10/2012 20:31:34


Since the establishment of capital one in the year 1988, the banking capital has achieved very great feat for their services. It is a specialized bank that focuses her efforts on providing credit card, loans, savings and banking products. Like every other bank, it appeared on the horizon to fill a banking gap with the focus of serving the people through providing qualitative services. What is capital one banking, how does banking capital work within this establishments? To answer these questions, different issues like history and services of capital banking will be discussed.


Capital one banking background

The bank was established in the year 1988 by Nigel Morris and Richard Fairbanks. In 2005, the bank got into the retail banking capital industry after buying Hibernia National bank located in Louisiana, New Orleans and North Fork Corporations. This type of banking capital operations has to do with the act of implementing transaction directly with end consumers instead of the traditional method of dealing with other banks and corporations. The services vending markets provides includes personal loans, credit cards, transaction accounts, saving and many more.  The move was obviously a wise one as it brought in a lot of success stories to the bank. As a mark of their success, in 2008, they purchased Chevy Chase bank for a whooping sum of 520 million dollars. Still on their success stories, the bank earned 3.56 billion from the E.E.S. act rescue as a favored stock acquisition. Again in 2009, the banking capital company re-acquired about five million, five hundred and fifty five thousand, one hundred and ninety nine (3, 555, 199) of the favored stocks delivered to the US treasury by the bank. To this day, the company is located in Virginia MacLean United States of America. The is a brief background to the banking capital company, to further understand their products and services, below is also a brief discussion about their performances.

Product/services of capital one

As already established, the bank is a financial company involved in banking capital. Below are brief explanations of few out of many of their products.

Credit cards providers: Under the banking capital credit card services, they provide VentureOne reward to ensure faster trips. It comes with an additional incentive that includes extra miles without any annual charges. To partake in this offer, visit their website to confirm if you are qualified for it.

Savings: The banking capital company provides a special savings account that affords one an opportunity of earning three times on their savings. You get to earn advance APY including a 10% incentive intended for clients that maintains a minimum account of 10,000 dollars with the bank credit card. 

Looking for a more convenient and faster way of paying your bills? The capital banking services provides you with an upgraded internet bill payment service where you get to monitor the time of delivery of your payments. It also provides other features attached to this services, example: freebies like e-bills, which enable you to accept and pay statements for various payees with internet banking and many more.

Tips and comments

The products and services details provided by banking capital like capital one is diverse and more than what is recorded in this page. The bank is located in the USA, and specially established to perform retail banking till date.