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What Is Term Health Insurance

Published at 03/23/2012 04:13:09

Job loss is not the only type of life-changing event that creates a need for long-term health insurance. Some other reasons for health insurance include: unforeseen illnesses and accidents. A health insurance policy can provide you and your family with coverage at a price that is affordable.

Many people are looking for a short term health plan and term health insurance is the most popular answer. These policies are designed for a person needing up to six months of health coverage, to avoid the risk of a health emergency that could turn into a financial hardship. The term health insurance policy is also good for people that are in between jobs or have a pre-existing condition. As long as you stay insured, any previous conditions will be covered.

Term health insurance is secure instant person and family coverage plan. If you know the number of days you need coverage for, you can make a lump-sum payment or participate in a payment plan. Either way, your policy will be written based on the period of coverage you select.

Policies are written with premiums that adjust depending on the deductible selected. Most policies coverage a range of services by a physician, surgery, inpatient and outpatient medical services. policyholders can choose their own doctors and hospitals without restrictions. Some term health insurance policies offer financial incentives if you use an in-network provider.

Before purchasing a term health insurance plan, read the policy carefully. Some policies do not coverage routine office visits, preventative care, preexisting conditions or well-baby care. Every policy has a list of exclusions, so make sure and read it carefully. Coverage can vary by state, so you also need to know your states benefit limitations of each plan. If you need state information for a specific company or insurance benefit, you should contact your states department of insurance.

Tips and comments

  • Do not allow a lapse in health insurance coverage.
  • Read the policy limitations and exclusions carefully. Ask the insurance agent any questions you might have regarding the term health insurance policy.
  • Look up the insurance companies rating on the website of your states department of insurance.
  • A higher deductible equals a lower premium.
  • All allowable family members should be included on the plan. Adding them later may not be allowed.
  • Tell your agent if you need a policy for longer than six months.
  • Use an agent who is licensed in the state you reside and is affiliated with a well-known insurance company.
  • Obtain a certificate of insurance from your current health insurance carrier. This certificate is what you will need to prove that there was no lapse in coverage.
  • Check to see if the term health insurance policy can be adjusted to a major medical insurance policy.


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